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May 2021 Goals

So, another big change. I was regretting my new job from basically the beginning. And I kept trying to talk myself into staying or at least staying until I got another opportunity. I hated it and actually think some really unethical stuff is going on (remind me to never work for the government or anything to do with it!). I called my old boss and asked if I could go part time (I had been doing a few hours for them still, so doing a job I hated and working around 50 hours), and I think I have 2nd job lined up. But obviously settling all of that is really the major goal and as my finances are going to take a huge cut (people don’t be dazzled by the money, don’t jump in blind, I don’t really regret this, I feel like it gave me some independence back, but still a learning experience), and I have been too detailed for my erratic personality, I’m going to make this month’s list simple. Oh, and yeah, since we also significantly into May.

I’ve gone to my parents and this weekend to my grandparents to pick up packages (don’t trust here), do laundry and/or family birthday stuff plus had a vet visit and other errands for almost every single weekend day in addition to working about 4 hours on Saturday. I have something this Saturday and Sunday too, but at least I won’t be working. I’m hoping to get a job balance that is NOT 50 hours. And hopefully no family stuff until, wait there is Memorial weekend. I was going to say the 4th. Nope. I know there are a million people in my family so birthdays are a lot, but we used to combine the ones for April and May like we did the 6 (!) in August. I was trying to find out how often people who are on their own and within driving distance see their family.

  • Figure out the job, finances, and work-life balance situation.
  • Pay off some debt, save, get my net worth back up!!!!!! I’m SO glad I started doing a net worth exercise this year (excluding my teeny, tiny 401k, I have so little for retirement I’d better not do anything stupid to dip into that and pay penalties; I’m just measuring debt, savings, bank accounts). I did March and April together a bit randomly (hello wake up call), stupidly thinking I’d come back up from the dip I knew I took, um, no, I’m in the red. Yeah, really need to stop with so many installment payments. Seems obvious but STOP spending, I don’t have the money right now! And clearly I didn’t earlier either.
  • File state taxes. These would have cost extra that would have taken my tiny state refund away, so I didn’t file state with federal, so I’ve been procrastinating on paper filing. I’m assuming there was an extension this year, but I don’t know how long.
  • Finish organizing my apartment, at least so that it’s not visibly messy. Try to get into better cleaning habits. As I’m able to get more organizing baskets and to more specifically organize, make sure I’m also streamlining my stuff.
  • Sell some stuff (sell rest at apartment yard sale next month).
  • Use up stuff, like beauty items (do I really need three shampoos?) and yarn.
  • Finish a baby blanket as part of using up yarn (we’ve had/will have 4 babies (3 girls thus far) in the extended family, I know I have yarn for two girl blankets and a neutral, but I’d like to NOT buy yarn and use up what I’ve had if possible).
  • Read and then return or giveaway all the books on my nightstand (books I own but haven’t read and may not keep).
  • Start exercising more consistently.
  • Work more consistently on obedience training Bjorn. Work on crate and potty training. Little goober is almost 5 months, he should be able to hold it for longer than the two or less hours he currently is!
  • Try to get better a blogging, get a bit ahead.
  • Start that significant private project.


  • Elizabeth

    It sucks that your job was terrible for you but I’m really glad you might have worked something out instead of the other job! 50 hours would be awful so hopefully you definitely don’t have to do that.

    It’s sad that I relate so much to Bjorn, I too struggle with being able to hold it for longer than 2 hours or less some days. But that’s too much information. Why do we even need so much water to live? I find it grossly unfair. XD

    • Rachel Olivia

      Yeah, I’m hoping I can get a second job/who other new job. I think I can budget better, I’d rather have less money and more freedom/happiness, I just need to cut the shopaholic tendencies.

      Me too. I think he might have a UTI though. His breeder had some suggestions, so I hoping to have him set up to learn better and run free more and me to have less cleaning up to do.

  • Skye

    I’m always terrified of ending up stuck at a bad job because of money. I’ll pray that your able to sort all that out, seems like it would be a headache.

    • Rachel Olivia

      Thanks, I think it’s a good learning experience. There seems to be lots of places hiring now, and I think I’m learning about what jobs to get and what to avoid.

  • Marian

    Sounds like a ton to process all at once… I hope things get better soon with the job situation. 😕

    I usually visit my immediate family once a week, but I live very close to them so it’s not much of a drive. My grandma is close as well so I usually see her a couple times a month. Sometimes it can feel really stressful to socialize when you have so much going on… just give yourself the time and space you need, and don’t feel bad if you’re going through a busy season.

    • Rachel Olivia

      Thanks. Yeah, I tend to complicate things even I seem less able to handle that. I’m trying to draw some lessons from this.

      I want to lay out my calendar and look at the big picture of where my time is going. To better manage or a least see everything.

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