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Anything Friends. This is a hilarious reproduction of a classic scene.

If People Did Everything in a Rush. I sent this to my family and named one sister. The 2 sec relaxing, looking at the view, playing . . . yeah that’s her. When we went to the San Diego zoo, she zoomed through everything. Meanwhile, I had us go to see the meerkat exhibit 3 times. They had babies, just about the cutest thing you could imagine.

When You Can’t Put a Book Down. The end, I’m dying!

16 Personalities Getting Triggered. I said I was the ISTJ and ISTP, actually I’ve been saying what the ISTP was saying quite often the last year. And that sister was the INFJ.

16 Personalities Getting Revenge. I think I’m ENTP. It’s not that I don’t plan revenge or want revenge. I’m usually the aggressive confrontational one in the familial situations . . . who ends up losing, so I tend to give up. If I tried to take revenge, I’d once again lose.

I love cross-over memes like this.


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