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Fickle, Faddish Beauty Standards


This is going to be rather rambling.

I for one, appreciate that have bigger bums and thighs are more in, no, my bum and thighs are not the Kardashian fake perfect. But back when I was growing up, I had more of a “mom” figure and needed “mom” jeans (a style that is coming back, but which was derided then, which wasn’t a style, it was out of style). The 00’s had those absurdly low cut jeans that didn’t taper to the waist at all and wouldn’t even fully cover my bum. So I definitely feel more normal now even though I’m now more overweight. I think part of this is people are repudiating somewhat the stick thin standards, something I also never was. HOWEVER,

For all the body positivity schtick going on, I still don’t really see average healthy looking women represented. Hugely overweight apple shapes are the unhealthiest. I am an overweight pear, I’m not healthy. I don’t appreciate even worse being promoted. I think being around larger people actually makes me too unconcerned.

I think also there are different global standards of beauty and different regional standards of beauty. We are in a more overweight area of the country and my mom has always been fit despite having 6 children. When we went to the Grand Canyon, she said she felt large next to all the non-American tourists. She wasn’t, she was just used to feeling small.

The fake blonde look lasted longer around here it felt like. I think the trend is dead for now, I think brunette is in. I’ve never wanted to bleach my hair nor to feel like I was frumpy when I didn’t. And when blonde is in, its not in in a way that everyone is doing it, but its done more uniquely and not just everyone doing it.

I do feel like the country pixie girl look is rather pervasive. For all our family has been here forever, we don’t have that look (some of my sisters have more of the pixie look, but it’s not this basic Southern look). I feel like there are just some Southern girls that you KNOW you’d never see in other states. Now, I don’t want to look so obviously, well, regional, but it ties in with just having that more dainty look that seems to be preferred, at least around here.

In the same vein, since I’ve always loved historical fashion, and since I followed a lot of people who were into vintage and vintage inspired fashion when I was trying to be more stylish, I’ve never been fashionable here, sometimes it’s been frumpy, sometimes just nerdy. Now, I do struggle with having actual style as well as trendiness, but now I think that there are more people who aren’t following mainstream trends, who are stylish in different ways (like Cottagecore and Light Academia kind of things which is trendy in some spheres 0nline). Now I think its easier to find people who know how to be both stylish and not following mainstream fashion, but still following a trend, but not in a mindless way. I’ve loved to see things that are more my style becoming more popular online, so I don’t feel strange. I’d kind of fallen into being as basic as it’s possible for me to me, and its just boring. I’m not wearing anything crazy unique now, but it is still back to more of my frilly roots with some more unique, at least for around here things.

I really appreciate when she says “You are not ugly, you are just not in season right now.” I think you could say also say, you aren’t ugly, you just aren’t in vogue HERE.


Oh, and I found her channel via this video when trying to find under all the basic modern design styles a more girly, Victorian, style of room. Interior design has trends too!


  • Elizabeth

    It’s reassuring knowing that other people appreciate a bunch of different styles but don’t really have one themselves exactly. Sometimes I feel very behind or I realize how much I don’t know, but then someone points out that it really doesn’t matter all that much as long as you’re good with what you’re doing.
    There was an Anne Hathaway quote from a ‘Devil Wears Prade’ interview that I’m going to butcher but it was something along the lines of, she doesn’t really believe in fashion necessarily, but personal taste creates it’s own style that’s unique to each person. Which I just thought was interesting and your post reminded me of.

  • Skye

    I’ve been wanting to talk about this. I am glad that curvy is in, I grew up in the Y2K era where everyone was like 100 pounds soaking wet, super tall and had bone straight hair. It really made me feel ugly. I’m really glad I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care what’s trending and focus more on what I think looks good. And just taking care of myself is more important. I’ve always found unconventional things beautiful anyway. Like I used to think if I cut my hair I would be ugly or look like a boy, and I’m so glad I got passed that.
    Great post and video!
    “You aren’t ugly, you just aren’t in vogue.”
    I’m going to start using that.

    • Rachel Olivia

      I know, right? I found that really helpful. I mean you can tell how styles change and all, its just hard in the moment, and just the way she framed it, really made it succinct and helpful.

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