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I’ve been going through Foil, Arms, and Hog’s Oisín & Parents playlist, and one triggered some memories. Well, lets me real, a lot of them do.

Parents while driving, clearly this is a universal thing, although I didn’t have to learn on manual, I learned to drive manual later, if you could call it driving, I always left the driveway in a cloud of black smoke. I doubt I could pick it up again.

It’s been so long, but I forgot, my parents did so well I didn’t get my license until I was almost 20. Actually, I was scared before the yelling. At least most people don’t have to learn sometimes on a 12 seat passenger van with 5 siblings behind them, both parents in the car, Mom yelling from the back when I’m many car spaces away and a little sister crying in fear.

I also didn’t know that, its actually normal to slow down to turn, you don’t have to magically try to whip into the side road and not wreck. I don’t know why I got yelled at for slowing down, when I also most certainly would have gotten yelled at for spinning off the road.

My next younger sister got her license before me (I had my permit so long it expired!), and my brother, the next after her, got his permit less than a year after I got my license, and the two of them did most of the driving when we were in college.



  • Marian

    Oh man. 😆 Thankfully I didn’t have to learn with a van, but I hated driving lessons. I didn’t even want to drive to begin with. I ended my test in tears, and the facilitator told me I’d passed but to “practice by myself.” He was right!

    • Rachel Olivia

      I didn’t want to learn either. The actual test, well the vision part of the permit test I must have been so nervous I couldn’t see, because my score was bad enough that they asked if I normally wore glasses . . . I don’t. And since we lived in a teeny tiny country town with not much parking to demonstrate parallel parking, I actually didn’t have to do it between two cars, just behind one. And the instructor told me at the end (I barely spoke) that I drove better than I thought I did. So clearly I was exuding SO much confidence.

  • Elizabeth

    That sounds like it would have been terrifying. I need to get to driving but instead I just keep letting my L expire.

    • Rachel Olivia

      Yeah, I had to renew my permit, kind of unheard of. I was petrified driving for years and years. I can handle driving now, I don’t like it, but I’m not longer literally terrified.

  • Skye

    My parents kinda wrecked it for me too. I still don’t have my full license. Working towards it, I actually don’t mind the driving part, but the test completely unnerves me.

    • Rachel Olivia

      I basically could barely drive on freeways and stuff, I was so afraid. I still rarely go downtown. It seems the test varies wildly even here in my state, but now people have to go to the state capitol at least in our country because of covid (yikes), I don’t know what Canada’s like, I’d guess it varies where you are too. Watch Cher driving in Clueless, surely you won’t be that bad.

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