Disaster Prep, Emergency Preparedness

I’m holding back on some of my historical and just human nature discussion. I do have paranoia issues, but also, I’d rather be “paranoid” in case turns out to be realistic than be “realistic” and have the craziness happen unprepared.

There is a balance between what most people do in blowing all the their money regardless of economic class (or as I saw in one staggeringly stupid comment on a Youtube video, “Our government promised we’d always have food,”) then selfishly panic buying in an emergency and turning into a paranoid hoarder.

I’ve been thinking about this as a lot of disaster prep information has come my way because of the pandemic, of course it actually also helps when one makes stupid financial choices like I tend to make to have plenty of food in the cabinet.

I think the safest way is to stay away from areas that have a tendency to attract disaster (such as large coastal cities), have a community, and have an emergency fund, and then have a food and essential stock, I think in that order.

Every state here can tend to have natural disasters. Our version of Texas happened several years ago (and we had more deaths in comparison to population), when we had 8 days without power in an ice storm; we stayed with my grandparents. Probably a good idea to look at your region of the world or country and see what natural disasters it’s prone to. There is also ready.gov for the US.

The Minimalists had a minimalist (episode 281) and a maximalist (as usual more detailed and helpful episode on this.

Nat Elison brought up one of his old podcast episodes reviewing a book. This gets dark. But I think darker based on my nature and understanding of history.

And then I saw this article. He also shares this site, ThePrepared.com

I think I want to work my way through this, both skills (I’ve also wanted to learn some wilderness survival stuff and self-defense skills) and things to stock.


  1. Honestly that’s a really good idea looking to see what natural disasters your area is prone to and try use that as a gauge for preparing.

    1. Yes, I think it’s something people forget about sometimes. I tend to be woefully unaware of even the basic weather forecast.

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