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20 Things I Wish I’d Known Before or During College

  1. Take those CLEP, take them again if you have to, you could have saved yourself so much time and been able to take the more interesting advanced history classes you missed out on
  2. Watch your attitude and try to at least curb it
  3. Try to balance out your class participation, between total silence in a few classes and answering and opining too much another you annoy the professor
  4. Have more than one advisor
  5. Take the classes you want when you see them, they won’t come around again
  6. Forgive the professor you are angry with and greet him and any other you are regularly forced to pass on that narrow stair in the history building by looking them in the eye, instead of hanging your head down when they pass
  7. Drop classes more, sooner, look out for warning signs
  8. Don’t people watch, don’t express annoyance (or any emotion), there are some twisted people out there who will make anything ugly and everything uglier
  9. Break down term papers into small papers, literally trick yourself
  10. Learn to use Word better, for example, um hello, the references tab
  11. Therapy (I wish I’d known about and gone, surely there was somewhere on campus, but I think had I known I’d resisted, people are much more attune now)
  12. Career counseling
  13. Think ahead, plan ahead
  14. Work more
  15. Volunteer to get some career ideas, some experience
  16. Save money, just even a tiny bit at a time, get multiple accounts to make it harder to spend everything
  17. Realize my spending/emotional connection
  18. Minor in business so I could at least test business and realize I didn’t like it, but at least have a job option while I look for something I love
  19. Focus on learning history, humanities, genealogy more in my free time, develop my skills


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