Top Ten Tuesdays: Animals from Books

Since I’m reading Harry Potter currently as I look over the future prompts, this one seemed especially apt and fun, definitely going to have a few from the HP world here. Unlike Hagrid, however, I prefer the cute or beautiful ones, no dragons for me!

  1. Pygmy puff (soft purple)
  2. Tiny owl like Pigwidgeon
  3. Unicorn (white with a silver horn)
  4. Pegasus (jet black)
  5. Phoenix (the Harry Potter version, not sure what the traditional myth version is like!)
  6. Cat like Crookshanks
  7. Another cat
  8. Another cat
  9. Another cat (I’m one of those born cat people, sorry, not sorry)
  10. Ok, probably a dog, maybe. Lots of loyal dog companions in books like in the Sutcliff novels.

Quick edit to add . . . I scheduled this post maybe a month before putting a deposit down on a puppy . . . whose name is Bjorn from a Rosemary Sutcliff book!


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