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Spring 2021 Goals

I’ve kept a lot the same, as I was too ambitious in my goals and too lazy in my actions. I tried to simplify these, and there are some things up in the air at the time of writing.


  • General
    1. Get moved into my apartment and get it set up
    2. Unpack and declutter, hopefully sell a considerable amount of stuff at a yardsale
    3. Start and keep up on Bjorn’s habits, training, and health
    4. Work on my routines and habits
    5. Start working on more eco practices
  • Health
    1. Clean rest on Sundays (and keep working on cutting down my Internet time)
      1. what did you enjoy as a child (making things, messes, play do, Legos, models, dolls, crafts
    2. End seasons with week off, maybe a 3 day weekend cabin
    3. Work on my eating habits
    4. Find a therapist I like and try Parsley health if I can or something similar, possibly may have to put this on hold.
    5. Start walking a round about way to avoid the sugar bowl, really work on the sugar issue, maybe with a fast
    6. Walk a couple times a week, preferably outside, this should be fairly easy as I need to walk Bjorn
    7. Stretch
    8. Some small exercise routines on an app
    9. Start tennis and horseback riding lessons
    10. I’d really like to lose 15-20 pounds (I need to lose more, but I think this range is doable for this period of time).
  • Career
    1. Private goal #1
    2. Private goal #2
    3. Private goal #3
    4. Private goal #4
    5. Improve my job situation. I’m still waiting to hear on a few things which will affect my course of action in many spheres.
    6. Work on my tech learning plan, lets see if I can aim for around 150 hours (depends on work situation).
  • Self-Improvement
    1. Break the lateness habit (look up tips)
    2. Try to work on no gossip, whining, complaining, cussing/exclaiming, exaggeration/imprecise speech, and petty politics rule and when someone else brings it up, don’t take the bait or state your resolution. When angry with family talk it out in the car and therapy
    3. Figure out how to ask questions to get people to think, rather than stating my own opinion (usually defensively)
    4. Work on Spanish and learning tech
    5. Work on habits and morning and evening routines.
    6. Work on my screen time (overlapping goal with Health).
    7. Work on blogging more consistently and better. Work on improving my writing.
  • Finances
    1. Improve job situation
    2. Pay off all debts, try not to get new ones or at least as many (I’ve gotten into the habit of collecting a variety of installment loans, you know, like Affirm, and Paypal).
    3. Save a lot in backup and emergency funds
    4. Have a 2nd source of income
    5. Brainstorm a 3rd source of income, preferable passive?
  • Learn to Live
    1. Horseback riding and tennis
    2. Do more online book groups and discussions.
    3. Take one in person craft class
    4. Attend at least one in person event (Arts on the Green June 12th at Yew Dell).
    5. Do some fun Springy things
    6. Those series of blog posts
    7. Work through my movie lists as well as any that interest me from the AFI and BFI lists. I’m trying to watch two movies a weekend. Really sit down and watch without hoping to other tabs, stopping in the middle etc. I’ve done pretty good, I’ve had to stop to walk Bjorn, but I’ve been watching far better than I have been for awhile now.
  • Beauty
    1. Start getting facials
    2. Start getting laser
    3. Start getting 2nd braces
  • Crafts
    1. Finish Mom’s gift (frame and all)
    2. Finish Harper’s frog, toad, and frances by end of February
    3. Finish three more baby blankets


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