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Interim Goals and Life Lately

I have tons and tons of random opinions in the form of blog drafts, word docs, and Evernote notes, not all of them need to be for public consumption, but I’d like to be posting a bit more than summaries as well as work on my writing and better analyze books and movies and such. However, that probably won’t be happening until I move and can get settled, especially since I’ve another huge thing for me up in the air.

I decided that since I feel like I’m in such a waiting period that I’m using it as an excuse not to do anything that I would make some interim goals. I made these with the idea that at most I’d get my apartment in 3.5 weeks and at least 2.5, but right now it’s looking like 3.5 from then I think or 2 weeks from now. I’ve modified these as I do.

My room, closet, and car are jam-packed with stuff, and I don’t really like working downstairs unless most people are gone as it’s distracting plus having to tote anything up and down stairs plus having my puppy upstairs.

Plan pantry stock list and put Mom’s recipes into Evernote notebook. I really need to work on this while I’m still here. I know I’ve written stuff on my recipe cards, but really, I prefer to read a recipe off my computer anyway.
Finish Mom’s and Georgette gifts. Well, maybe if I’d worked on them earlier, if I can work on them significantly, I will be doing good.
Get towels, security system, and printer.
Careful with money. I think I’ve done pretty well thus far.
See if I could get a job nearer tech related job. I’m actually a bit in flux in the job situation at the moment, I asked for a change that led to possibly an even better change.
Do 6 hours of Spanish.
15 exercise sessions. I’m talking about short and quick.
Do at least 25 hours of Codecademy/Treehouse. I’ve done about 3.5 hours thus far.

This is the view of my room from the bed, I’ll spare you the closet. The car has a piece of furniture I want to sell, boxes, my shopping cart, my collapsible table, a duvet, and my insulated shopping bags.


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