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How I Did on My March Goals 2021

Didn’t I just put up these goals? Oh, yeah, I did them late.

  • Bjorn Stuff
    • Get the rest of his health, grooming, and fun stuff. I have one more set of shots to schedule, and then everything is scheduled. I’ve given him a bath, it was hilarious and sad, but I’ve got to work on the teeth and brushing.
    • Work on the feeding system and plan. I’ve got to work on the nighttime food, but I’ve got a plan.
    • Really work on the potty training. Since I started taking him out for walks, he’s had fewer accidents, I think he’s gaining more control and prefers to go outside rather than his litterbox as well.
    • Maybe start of the command training? It’s a little early, so research
  • Moving Prep
    • Try to sell stuff, especially large stuff, before I leave, clear out and list fridge a week or two before, computer, etc. Partial, I’ve listed stuff on FB marketplace. I’m thinking that eventually I’d like to do a yard sale or join a larger yard sale as those seem to have more success.
    • Go through Mom’s recipes and get some meal plans in place
    • Plan container garden
  • Health
    • Start doing simple exercise and stretching. Well, I’m walking a bit with Bjorn.
    • Work on getting to bed by 9:30. I think I’m just going to have to be satisfied with 10 to 7 sleep for now, it’s just a struggle to do otherwise, I kept thinking it was environment only, but I think it might be just biology as well, after all, a 9 o’clock bedtime is really early. Besides, it would rather hinder life trying to get home and wind down enough that early.
    • Work on my Staywell
    • Work on morning and evening routine, digital limits and controls
      • Website and app blockers during week and Sunday, only sat can I read blogs, social media, watch youtube
      • Night time needs to be puppy time, walk time, craft time, and reading and wind down
  • Career
    • Private goal
    • Really work on Codecademy. I’ve started working on Treehouse and Codedademy together, this works better for me. I’ve set some intermediate goals for the waiting period before I get my apartment.
  • Self-Improvement
    • Work on lateness. Haha, this is SO bad combined with not enough work to do, I’m hoping the later situation is going to change soon.
    • Work on no gossip, politics, complaining, cussing, exaggerating set up
    • Work on Spanish
    • Work on habits
    • Work on training and grooming and caring for Bjorn (see above)
    • Start planning for 2nd quarter
    • Work on blogging, using up drafts and planning to cover a lot of April since I will be swamped
  • Finances
    • Financial Goals Before I Move into New Apartment
        • Have all funds for Bjorn’s shots, meds, supplies, and neutering, buy rest of purchases.  I think I’ve done pretty good on this, obviously, I have to budget a bit every few months for refills of things for him. Also, the vet bills have been significantly less than budgeted.
        • Increase income streams?
        • Sell some more stuff, furniture, fridge, comforter, etc.
        • Pay off debt. I’ve made decent progress, I think.
        • Build up checking account balance
        • Buy exercises items
        • Work on saving enough for laser, dermatologist, orthodontist
        • Have all apartment fees ready in account by end of the month
        • Build back all savings
        • Buy printer
        • Buy security system
        • Have almost everything I need for my house and some money towards purchasing groceries, toiletries, paper goods, and cleaning supplies, particularly low waste items
  • Beauty
    • Research what is open in terms of facials
    • Get back on track with skincare
    • Work on body care and sunscreen reapplication
    • Work on pedicure habit
  • Crafts
    • finish Mom’s gift
    • Finish niece #2 blanket
    • Finish niece #1 gifts (Frog and Toad and maybe Francis)
    • Work on 3 more family baby blankets


  • Elizabeth

    I should do a few of these.
    What things are you wanting to grow? I’m terrible at growing things and kill things that are supposed to be impossible to kill in record shattering time but it’s fun to hear what other people hope to grow.

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