March 2021 Reading Goals

  • Start to transition to reading primarily on Kindle and return back all my library book
  • Update my reading Excel list
  • Reevaluate Storygraph
  • March TBR
    • Read The Pomeranian Handbook
    • Finish Factfulness. This is a book borrowed from my Dad, probably should finish before I move out.
    • Finish How to Raise a Perfect Puppy
    • Finish The Girl with the Louding Voice: A Novel
    • Continue to participate in the Sense and Sensibility Read Along, which is so much fun, and I need to participate in more read-alongs, I should seek out ones for books I have on my TBR.
    • Continue to participate in the Villette Read Along. I’m really enjoying this, definitely prefer the lesser known Brontë works.
    • Get caught up on The Silent Bells serial


  1. I should get back to reading new books at some point. I’ve been rereading a couple really good ones though so it’s been nice lull at least.
    Have you read Sense and Sensibility before? or is this your first time.

    1. I’ve read it twice before but I was due for a reread, its been so much fun participating in the read along, Hamlette asked questions that I’ve never really thought about before. I’ve missed book discussions like that.

    1. I just love how its helping re-inspire a love of thinking of literature and prodding me to think about things that never occurred to me.

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