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How I Did on My February Plans

Set Up for the Month
  • Get into an apartment, call that one place every single weekday and Saturday!!!!!!!!! The apartment I want doesn’t have a wait or call back list (ugh!). I’ve not got a lot of great options plus would prefer to stay in one place for years until I can seriously upgrade or have a better opportunity elsewhere. I did put a deposit down on an apartment, the on paper date I get it is April 16, but I could get it sooner.
  • Set up easily maintained habits.
  • Get a weekend job.
  • Once in the apartment look for a better paying job, preferably with fewer hours.
  • Finish setting up digital limits and controls. I had to reset that process this month since I basically turned off Cold Turkey whenever I wanted.
  • Set up news controls/limits.
  • Memory journal setup. Partial
  • Digital clear out.
  • Parsley health (change to when I’m in my own place for privacy purposes).
  • Therapy.
  • Sugar and dairy fast (maybe next month/in my own place do elimination diet, sugar controls. If I have to keep restarting this all the time to have any control over my sugar consumption, if that is what it takes, I will do that.
  • Start doing simple exercise and stretching, get a Fitbit or something. I did get a Fitbit on sale.
  • Work on getting to bed by 9:30 (if in my own place even earlier, I’d like to get up at 5:30).
  • Work on morning and evening routine, digital limits and controls.
  • Remind to be taught more AP. Apparently this was stuff I’d already been taught, and they forgot that they taught me.
  • Private goal #1.
  • Private Goal #2.
  • Set up tech learning plan.
  • Continue to work on lateness. Yeah, that crashed and burned with the ice and then the snow storm. And then the new addition to my life, but I’m working on it.
  • Work on no gossip, politics, complaining, cussing, exaggerating set up. I should add work on my repetitive, obsessive speech as well, try to figure out how to redirect myself.
  • Work on Spanish.
  • Work on habits.
  • Increase income streams.
  • Pay off debt. I paid off a little
  • Build up checking to remain at certain amount.
  • Buy CodeAcademy pro. Did this, and I have used it, I’m also working on another plan as well which I need to get back on track on.
  • Buy exercises classes and materials, one event, Kindle (if it goes on sale), and Fitbit. Partial, I bought the later two things both on sale! Fitbit happened to be on sale when I looked but I used camelcamelcamel.com to track sales of specific Amazon items, starting with the Kindle.
  • Save enough for laser, dermatologist, orthodontist.
  • I need one month’s rent, pet deposit, pet purchase money, and security deposit.
  • Build up savings and emergency to at least a certain amount.
  • Increase all savings. Well, did the opposite, as I will explain in another post.
  • Buy certain significant purchases. Partial.
  • Pet supplies.
  • Have almost everything I need for my house and some money towards purchasing groceries, toiletries, paper goods, and cleaning supplies.
Learn to Live
  • Schedule one thing.
  • Research what is open in terms of facials.
  • Get back on track with skincare.
  • Work on body care and sunscreen reapplication.
  • Make Valentine Decorations.
  • finish Mom’s gift.
  • Finish Georgie’s gift.
  • Finish Harper’s gifts (Frog and Toad and maybe Francis).
Study Subjects
  • Build habits, work into to-do list.
  • 12 book library limit!!!!! Don’t order any until I’m on my last book from the first batch!!!!!!
  • Work on my reading journal and my reading log. Try to make more of an effort to take notes.
  • Possibly buy a Kindle. I’m definitely leaning toward getting a Kindle, but I want to buy on sale, which means I may have to wait until Prime day, we shall see. Done
  • February Reading specifics:
    • Read some study subjects books
    • Finish
      • The Idiot, or at least make considerable process
      • Looking for Transwonderland: Travels in Nigeria
      • Hemingway Didn’t Say That
    • Overcoming Unwanted Thoughts
    • Antifragile
    • Your Move


    • Rachel Olivia

      Thanks! I’m pretty excited.

      I’m hoping to wean myself off physical books and the library if possible. All my stuff is weighing on, especially in light of moving.

    • Rachel Olivia

      Thanks, I’m really read for it.

      Yes I’ll probably try the library options (much simpler than the scheduling a pickup and driving into the city) as well as others since I’ve got tons of books that I know aren’t available in our library system.

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