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One of My Favorite Couple Tropes: The Bantering Couple as Seen in TV Shows and Movies

To tie with my earlier book post, here are some of my tv and movie favorites examples of this trope off the top of my head.

Declan and Anna in Leap Year.

10 Things I Hate About You may be literally The Taming of the Shrew but it has some Benedict Beatrice vibes between Kat and Patrick.

Clueless. I find Josh and Cher’s bickering more fun than Knightley and Emma. Cher is much nicer and funnier than Emma. Emma is definitely my least favorite JA heroine, and Knightley likes her, so I can’t love him.

Dusty and Donovan in The Apple Dumpling Gang. Talk about characters in different worlds set to collide, yet nothing is trope-y about this relationship.

Shawn and Juliet (unfortunately once they get together, they turn into a mushy couple and Shawn into a whiny baby).

Jackie and Hyde in The 70’s Show (unfortunately they never move beyond that really).

Josh and Mindy in Drake and Josh. Enemies, to bantering/competitive couple, to hilarious broken up couple, to super sweet couple.

Sonny and Chad in Sonny with a Chance. Similar to above.

It’s funny, how in both of the latter, aimed for kids, squeaky clean shows, the characters show some maturity in the relationships.

I think Chandler and Monica is a variation. Chandler had banter with most people, but not really in his relationships until Monica, that is the one where both of them could combine passion with friendship. Whereas Ross and Rachel were either ridiculously dramatic or just gross.

I just don’t go for sappy mush. I will however, go for drama sometimes, ala, unforgiving Captain Wentworth. But not all the time (e.g. Rochester).


  • Katherine

    I love banter between movie couples! Declan & Anna are so funny! And though I haven’t seen The Apple Dumpling Gang in so long, I remember liking them too! Have you seen Return of the Apple Dumpling Gang? I love that couple’s hate to love relationship, too!

    • Rachel Olivia

      The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again? With Chris Pine’s dad as the bad guy? I liked the captain and the couple’s interaction, the girl herself, not so much although the way she acted made the whole thing funnier.

      • Katherine

        Right, I got the name wrong! 🙂 Wow, that is funny, I didn’t know that Chris Pine’s dad was in it. Yes, the girl was a little annoying, but it did make it more comedic, you’re right! 🙂

        • Rachel Olivia

          I was watching it the first time and thinking, wow, he looks so much like Chris Pine, when towards the end the credits said Robert Pine and I looked it up, yes, it was Chris Pine’s dad. I was/am Chris Pine obsessed since watching Princess Diaries 2 at 13 or 14, not sure that it was as noticeable or interesting to anyone who isn’t, lol.

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