Favorite Love at First Sight Couples

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So, I’ve done, Friends to Lovers, Enemies/Frenemies to Lovers, and now for the oft-maligned, highly suspect love at first sight couples. I think this is best done when it is attraction at first sight (often the other tropes have this but its unequal or there is also enmity at first sight) sans any complicating factors that develops quite quickly into love.

Also, there is a version of this type that features a huge amount of humor and/or suspense. So, lots of Georgette Heyer and Mary Stewart novels and some M.M. Kaye mysteries.

Peter and Donna in A Tangled Web are both a fun, interesting love story, yet at the same time poking fun at this trope just a bit. Of course there is a real parody of this bit with the Jocelyn and Hugh situation. That book is a comedy gem.

More serious and sweet pairings:

  • Lord Bradford and Azalea in Entwined.
  • The Ordinary Princess and her “Apprentice” in The Ordinary Princess.
  • Similarly Cinderella and Kit in the live action Cinderella.
  • Danielle and Henry in Ever After.
  • I think Linden and Rob in Rebel and Arrow. My 2nd favorite couple in this trilogy and the related duology who get the least amount of time.

Any well-know, well-loved, respected (aka, NOT Romeo and Juliet, lol) couples that I missed?


    1. They are! Kit and Cinderella as just absolute sweetness goals, and Danielle and Henry are hilarious.

  1. You keep making me want to rewatch Ever After XD
    It’s been so long since I’ve seen it. I’ll have to get it from the library at some point

    1. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen it, we own it and we watch everything we own repeatedly.

  2. I’m writing a short story about Rob right now, hoping to find a way to work Linden into it! You’re right that they didn’t get as much page time as others and I feel like they deserve it.

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