Winter Reading Plans 2021

My General Reading Goals (present to March 20)

  • Try to keep my books borrowed from the library to 12. Try to keep any other borrowed books to far fewer.
  • Join an online book group, I’d like to join The Enchanted Book Club deluxe, maybe in March, depends on what they are reading.
  • Work through important to reads and long held borrowed books:
    • The Idiot
    • War and Peace
    • Dune? Maybe, if the movie is coming out in September, perhaps I could wait to start until Spring, but knowing me, I might not finish it time, and who knows, they could bump up the movie, since clearly its done if it was supposed to be out LAST September.
    • House of Mirth
    • Looking for Transwonderland
    • The Shadow of the Wind
    • Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts
    • Factfulness
    • Hemingway Didn’t Say That
    • Wheel of Time
  • I’d like to read one or two more classics besides those listed above from my Classics club list
  • I’d also like to read one or two more books besides those listed above from another country, perhaps another mentioned on A Strong Sense of Place
  • Fun potentials
    • Ethel Lina White mysteries
    • Mercedes Lackey fairytale retellings and fantasy
    • Circe by Madeleine Miller
  • Books to match my current study schedule (History, Logic, Geography, Civics, Christian Apologetics, World Religions). Genealogical reading should be on, I don’t really need books for that subjects, its mainly to be building my tree.



  1. This makes me want to make a proper booklist. I’ve been trying to read all of Jane Austen’s books and I only have one left so that’s been about my current summation of reading classics lately. Beyond that is uncharted territory at the moment.

    1. I’m trying to move away from pretending like I will follow a strict booklist and then mood reading completely, I’m hoping I can hit a happy medium.

    1. I’m hoping working some of these into my regular goals and to dos will keep them before my mind.

  2. I’ve read the Intrusive Thoughts book – it’s really, really good! Not a topic I’ve been super comfortable talking about (yet), but anytime I hear someone reading about it, I have to let them know I found the book valuable. I would recommend skimming/skipping the chapter on Triggers though, if that’s something that could be problematic. I read the book after recovery, but I still felt that chapter needed to come with a warning.

    1. I’ve never really been or given the opportunity to be diagnosed with anything, and I think a lot of issues resolved as brain development finished, and I out of necessity probably learned to practice some of these things, nevertheless, I think I still could find some use out of it. Thanks for the warning on triggers! I will definitely keep that in mind.

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