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Winter 2021 Goals: Foundations

I’m trying to go by seasons and pick a theme. The theme from now until March 20th is Foundations.


  • Clean rest on Sunday (I heard this term for guilt free rest on The Perfectionism Project podcast, I don’t listen to it much, I find it hard to listen to, but I’ve received a few really great one point things that really strike me). Enjoy things I liked as a child and teen or similar things: reading, crafts, Legos, models, puzzles. NO screens.
  • Speaking of screen time, I’m going to try and lock down my computer and phone with Cold Turkey for Sunday through F, meaning no social media, blogs, Youtube, news. I also will do any self-improvement stuff in the morning. And shut down the computer and put away the phone when I come home from work (overlapping goal with Self-Improvement).
  • End each season with a week off or 3 day weekend in a screen free cabin.
  • Start exercise and stretch habits, including some fun sport like ice skating.
  • Work on my diet. I have eaten a frightening amount of candy at work lately. I might have to detour and walking around the sugar bowl which is right near my desk. I’m starting off with a sugar fast. I’m on day 6th as of Jan 9th, I’ve not had candy but I think I do need to be more careful about any added sugar.
  • Find a therapist.
  • Try Parsley health, see if there is someone in my state.


  • Private plan #1.
  • Private plan #2.
  • Private plan #3.
  • Set up and start on my tech learning plan.


  • Break the lateness habit (I need to look up tips).
  • Institute a no gossip, whining, dumping (and calling in ranting), and petty politics rule and when someone else brings it up, either don’t take the bait or state my resolution not to talk in this manner.
  • Figure out how to ask questions to get people to think, rather than stating my own opinion (usually defensively).
  • Work on Spanish.
  • Work on habits and morning and evening routines.
  • Work on my screen time (overlapping goal with Health).
  • Work on blogging and Instagramming more consistently and better.


  • Maybe get a weekend temp job to finance some large apartment expenses and pay off some debts.
  • Save for a big vacation.
  • Keep saving in down and emergency.
  • Start a non retirement investment account.
  • Have a 2nd source of income from my private career plans.
  • Brainstorm a 3rd source of income, preferable passive?

Learn to Live

  • Take set of exercise classes such as ice skating lessons (overlapping goal with Health)
  • Join an online book group, I’d like to join The Enchanted Book Club deluxe, maybe in March, depends on what they are reading (overlapping goal with Reading)
  • Take one craft class.
  • Attend one event.
  • Do some wintery fun things.
  • Work on a certain series of blog posts, maybe.


  • Start getting facials if possible
  • Start getting laser (in my dreams)


  • Make paper, crochet, and maybe tatted snowflakes.
  • Finish Mom’s gift by end of January (frame and all).
  • Make valentine decorations.
  • Finish Harper’s Frog, Toad, and Frances by end of February.
  • Finish two more baby blankets by end of March.

Study Subjects

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Logic
  • Tuesday: History
  • Wednesday: Geography
  • Thursday: Christian Apologetics (even though I’m not a Christian, I still find this important)
  • Friday: World Religion
  • Saturday: Genealogy and Civics

Reading (This Gets its Own Post)



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