Tracking Reading in 2021

When I watched The Plant Based Bride’s reading statistics, I was reminded how not great at data, Goodreads is (their Excel export function just doesn’t do the dates right, so I can’t reliably sort information by year plus lots of other data I want to track). So, I started (not optimistically) searching for an alternative. I stumbled upon a reddit on the same issue and found a link to a youtuber, Portal in the Pages, who created an awesome spreadsheet, the post was a few years ago, so I found the 2021 version.

2021 Reading Spreadsheet (with Download) 

Be sure and watch the videos for help editing. One thing I knew I wanted to edit was genres, so I searched for a list of total genres to put in the hidden tab. I deleted any I thought I wouldn’t read.

Lists of genres. I used this a base along with my library categories (categories that I’d used to divide my TBR on my library site) to create a fiction and nonfiction list of categories I usually read or think I would read or would like to read.

Here is my current iteration. I think once I’ve finally gotten access to Excel again (I’m hoping to transfer my programs from my old computer, so I don’t have to repurchase, and I will NOT subscribe, its been a bit of a headache), I will try to add back in more of the charts like she had originally, it was just working in Google sheets and after I changed all the first page (which would have been much easier in Excel), I’d have to do way more changing that would be less automatic in Google sheets.


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