Reading in 2020

These were my 2020 goals. ahahahahaha. Ouch.

This was my rereading general schedule.

I read 60 books or well, items, considering that I counted each Gail Carson Princess tale singly where we have two books with 3 each in them. And I read two plays but those are closer to books. Anyway. This was my worst reading year in terms of books and page counts since 2011 when I was in college and still struggling to recover from my reading breakdown (meaning I was still sounding out or mouthing the words). And I think then I wasn’t rereading the same amounts because I had less to choose from.

I was busier and had more brain fog/mental weariness this year, and I don’t think all of that was due to the pandemic situation although I’m sure it didn’t help. I’m going to be focusing more on present and forward thinking, so this will be a very short summary.

A full 40 of those were rereads: The Anne series,  the first two Emily Series, most of Narnia (I’d started in December 2019), some fairytale retellings, The Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries, the Grandma’s Attic Series.

Of the 20 left, 16 were fiction. I read 8 classics, 2 of which were plays, 2 of which were the James Herriot audiobooks. I read 2 Christian fiction (Mitford, I’d hardly class them with the trash that is most of Christian fiction, but that is the correct genre I believe), 2 fairytale retellings, 2 mysteries, and 2 romances.

Of the 4 (yikes!) nonfiction books I read 2 were history, 1 a memoir, and 1 pop psychology I suppose.




  • Loren

    I just read your re-reading schedule and oh my! It sounds like a super neat idea, so many books that definitely fits the season.

    This year was certainty hard, I also found it hard to focus while reading, have you tried any mindfulness activities, such as sitting still for 5 minutes and just “feel/sense” your surroundings (what do I feel, hear, see)? I’ve found that it really helps when my mind is fogy or anxious.

    Hope you get to read 100+ books this year!

    • Livia Rose

      Yes, I somewhat followed it I think. I’ve updated it based on what rereads are “due” for this year, I’ll post that soon. I just love the seasons and doing seasonal things.

      I’m sort of, I don’t know “afraid” of mindfulness activities. I just tend to sort avoid leaving my brain to its own devices, although I do think that I can pause and do that sometimes outside on a pretty day.

    • Livia Rose

      Everybody has their number, depending on what other things one dos as well as motivation, I follow one person who read 400, I just can’t wrap my mind around that. If I had made tons of crafts and done other things, even watched more movies, it wouldn’t seem bad, but I just spend a lot of nothing time on the Internet. I was trying to figure out what the optimal balance to reading vs crafts vs projects would be for me for this year.

  • Elizabeth

    I heavily relate to feeling brain fog/mental weariness in general. It’s been something I’ve been trying to push through this year and I have to some degree done more for it than I ever have which is nice.

    You got to a lot though!

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