Inklings Link Up January 2021: “Harry – yer a wizard”

I’m linking up here and the prompt is “New Beginnings.”

So, I’m in the middle of reading Harry Potter, and I am really feeling that suddenly waking up to find out that one is a wizard and then getting whisked off to a magical world out of mundane, tedious (and in Harry’s case horrible) reality would be quite a refreshing thing.

Can you imagine? Especially after all the build up, Harry has been living in dull misery then he finally gets a letter, something of his very own, but after tons of tries and sitting in a miserable shack with his crazy family, he still hasn’t read it. Then a giant bursts in and starts talking about his family, tells him he is a wizard and gives him a wondrous letter, now that is a key to a fabulous new existence.

I know none of us is living under a stairwell, but well with the dreariness of the world even for those of us not seriously affected, doesn’t a magical world opening up tantalizingly before our eyes sound wondrous?! Especially with such a start as a visit to Diagon Alley?

I’ve been reading my sister’s illustrated versions (she has 3 and I’m going to get her the 4th as a belated grad gift so I can read it, I’m going to wait for myself until they are all out). I think these really bring the magic of Harry Potter to life. And I really needed something soothing to read.



    • Rachel Olivia

      I’m rereading with the illustrated versions that are out, and it just heightens the awesomeness of the comfort reads they are.

  • Ivy Spargur

    I almost did Harry Potter too! Harry’s life since he first found out he was a wizard was all new beginnings. In each book there was always something new that helped him to grow.

    • Rachel Olivia

      I, of course, think the books are SO much better than the movies, so much more personality. Also, highly recommend reading via the Illustrated version, the 5th one comes out this year, they are amazing (they are a huge project, so about 1-2 a year, I’ll have to go back to regular to reread this time around). It’s not like a children’s illustrated with art on every page depicting every scene, that obviously would take too long, but its got plenty of interesting art plus different lettering and page colors for the particular situation. Very atmospheric.

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