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Christmas Gifts

Oops, I forgot to publish this earlier.

I, in boring adult manner, asked for gift cards since I wanted to buy things for my apartment. With said gift cards I bought a bread knife, sheets, mattress cover, and pillow covers.

I also received flatware, glasses, Pioneer woman dish towels, some scrubbies, lots of chocolate, mixed freeze dried fruit, a few office type items, a Christmas blanket, a Christmas tin full of Nutella fudge puddles, a Jane Austen devotional (there are some gems, see photos below). Color Street peel and stick nails (which I meant to put on for Christmas, but per usual, didn’t have time, was still working on presents, most of which I still haven’t finished), pink moscato, organizer caddy, hot chocolate and marshmellows, lotion, soap, shaving cream, socks, a mango, three hand sanitizers (hand soap and hand sanitizers were a more than usually popular gift item this year, I feel like its usually lip balm). A very grown up list of items.

I gave my grandfather an Ancestry DNA test (in his stocking) and a 6 month Ancestry membership. My grandmother I gave our state True South puzzle, the puzzle line I discovered on the Laurel Mercantile site (aren’t they darling?!). I also gave her two of my cinnamon ornaments and an embroidered heart ornament based on this (mine looks more like Micky Ears, I wish I trimmed it down) after my failed attempt to embroider velvet (I’m not beaten, I will embroider that velvet). I loved this so much I want to make one for me! But improved.

I drew my sister in law and got some homegoods from her list. The rest of the siblings and in-laws got belated birthday gifts which were games, two of which were Harry Potter (the theme of my life is lateness if you hadn’t noticed).

I don’t always get my parents anything, Dad just buys anything he wants, Mom often says she doesn’t want anything, but I know she always wants something special which is what I’m working on. This is an idea that I had over a year ago, at least a year and a half. I changed it’s medium this year, months ago, but still didn’t start on it really until, you know, the week of Christmas, actually a couple days before Christmas. My goal is to finish it before the end of the 12 days of Christmas, I’m pretty sure that is possible.

And my niece’s gift, I’d also had the idea months ago, did I start on time, no of course not, that would be practical. I started it last minute and then decide to give it to her when her sister is born. It will be more memorable that way anyway. She was a bit overwhelmed, distracted by the gifts she got anyway. And she got TONS.




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