Boy-Crazy vs Intellectual: Another False Dichotomy Pet-Peeve

One can be man-crazy (or comparatively so) and not let that ruin one’s life. It can be a part. Certainly there are girls/women who seem to have few interests if not only this one, and this man-crazy features largely, and it is crazy and toxic and they are blind to type of guys they end up with because they have no standards, just any man they find attractive will do. But I think like many another stereotype people lazily use this against women who maybe are more interested in guys in general than they are, but who have plenty of other interests and who don’t let that one interest run their brain (or completely run it).

It is hard to explain. I just feel like I often really watch movies because of super-attractive guys and that other girls are looking for strong women characters, and I’m like, why? I want him.

That sounds so shallow, and I can talk about other aspects of the movie, I do want the overall movie and plot to be appealing to me, its not only external looks that I like either, I like both and thank you very much. I think this issue comes out a lot or primarily in the superhero or hero type movies. I just don’t care for female superheroes; I want to see the guys, I don’t want to be a female super hero.

Oh, and like all the other false dichotomies I wrote about (over a year ago?), not being boy crazy or man crazy or whatever does not equal intellectualism. One can be stupid and not boy crazy. One can be “boy crazy” and still appreciate other aspects of the plot. I’m not going to love a stupid movie simply because it has a handsome man in it, but I am going to enjoy a good one a whole lot better if it does.

I think it’s similar with romance in books. I actually don’t think I’ve really read or like liked pure romance novels, books with the genre of romance, but all my favorite books feature romance as a significant part. It’s like with humor, I need several ingredients to stories, and in movies and tv a man I find attractive in person and personality is one of them (in books obviously its the personality).


  • Skye

    “I want him.” Me when I watch anything, because I tend to watch shows specifically for actors.
    It’s does sound shallow, but there are usually other aspects I enjoy too. Love this, makes me feel better about it.

    • Rachel Olivia

      Exactly. Yes, it does seem shallow but I’m not sure it always IS shallow, I think though that appearances and attraction and etc. matter and that it is better to be honest about it.

  • Elizabeth

    Same for me too. Skye mentioned something that she’d seen at one point and I can’t remember what it is but it’s something along the lines of ‘I watch things for colours and pretty people’ and it honestly isn’t wrong. Obviously there’s lots of other things I appreciate too though.

    • Rachel Olivia

      Yeah, I mean I like watching things based in books, and one of the reasons to see it, is to have a visually appealing version of the story.

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