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Thanksgiving 2020

So, I meant to post a Thanksgiving post with photos of what I made, but clearly I just stuffed my face instead. We opted not to do the extended family Thanksgiving, so we all divided up our favorite dishes to make ourselves (its usually a potluck). I made my usual dish (cranberry conserve, super easy) along with my favorite missing extended family dish (broccoli casserole, except I did the Ree Drummon version sans the manufactured cheese, note, taste and salt, mine didn’t have enough but still was awesome).

I also made Pumpkin cake pop truffles, successfully. Last year I didn’t realize our shortening was rancid (I know, I know) and made icing and mixed it in without tasting it until after I’d mixed it in my pumpkin bread (taste, woman, taste your concoctions, sense a pattern?!). This year I decided to buy a can of icing instead, so it was pumpkin bread crumbled and mixed with icing, this dough was made into balls and frozen and dipped in chocolate. Notes for next time, make balls smaller and earlier so that that are solidly frozen and make sure you have enough chocolate and cream in it to really dip rather than smear over. Regardless, these were a hit.

Pumpkin and spices are a divine combination. Except in pie, anyone else love almost everything traditionally pumpkin, except pie? Bread, muffins, cake pops, scones, pancakes, not pie. Not ice cream either, have you tasted that, its so wrong. Not gross, just wrong.

Anyway, we had Thanksgiving food all weekend along with the various leftover dishes one makes with the leftovers, such as Turkey rollups (stovetop stuffing, turkey, and sausage in flour tortillas, I just ate the filling), cranberry/turkey sandwiches (there is a name for these, but I don’t like them), and cream of turkey noodle soup. I had the soup for work Monday, I think almost everything was gone by then. We didn’t have extra mashed potatoes, but one of my sister’s did from earlier and she brought mashed potato quiches.

I think started an HBO max trial to watch the Friends Thanksgiving episode which led to me just basically watching Friends all weekend.

Let’s end with Trey Kennedy’s version of Thanksgiving 2020.  Be thankful your thanksgiving is NOT like this.


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