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I had Thursday and Friday off for a four day Thanksgiving weekend, and I spent most of it watching Friends in bed and at least 4 Hallmark movies with Mom.

I’ve never been out for Black Friday, I don’t like normal Saturday shopping, so I didn’t miss anything this year. I did some online Black Friday shopping, but I get analysis paralysis, and I think I missed the best tech deals which I still think are on Black Friday online, not Cyber Monday when I actually ordered my new laptop. Oh, well. Hopefully I will remember that in future. It’s hard to balance what sites have better Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, what sites just make it a four day sale, etc. I did (after some bumps) manage to buy a vacuum 55% off! Yay for being an adult where vacuums are important (fyi, I’m Monica in Friends).

Those were the main two things, hopefully January will have good sales too since I still need and want more for my apartment. Oh, yeah, I’m on the list for an apartment, hopefully mid January-February. Anyway, I also bought some Christmas and belated birthday gifts. I’m getting a couch from my brother that his family no longer needs, so I bought some fabric to cover it. I also bought some Kitchen knives (Victorinox, didn’t know they made cooking, knives but they were reasonably priced, and rated highly), I’ve got a knife class on Craftsy that I started watching ages ago, and I’m determined to only have a minimal amount of quality knives (chef, paring, bread and steak), not a block full plus more. That is way too many.

I also got myself an Ancestry membership again as well as an Ancestry DNA health upgrade, I just think that would be useful to know. We know some issues, but I don’t know what is DNA and what is external factors. Genes and my poor health choices are starting to show up in me, I think I need another kick in the pants.

Christmas Eve is normally extended family, and we won’t be doing that either. But I’m determined to be as Christmassy as possible this month. Since I forget that you have to order advent calendars in like SEPTEMBER, I decided that my countdown will be doing Christmas stuff every day. And not only Hallmark Christmas stuff either.



  • Skye H

    I want to be as Christmassy as possible too. 😀
    Hallmark movies are great for this time of year. My favorite is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (It’s hilarious)

    • Livia Rose

      That is one of our personal Hallmark Hall of Fames whether it is one of Hallmarks or not. Its one of the ones we own on DVD. Constant hilarious lines. We always love the good family or side character, in this case the Uncle (as in Christmas Card, another of our favorites, I need to do a post about my favorites), but everyone is hilarious in this, something lacking in many of the more recent ones.

  • Elizabeth

    Black Friday shopping in public honestly just sounds terrifying so I never go out either if I can help it.

    I’ve been trying to get in the Christmas spirit too lately. For some reason I’ve been having a hard time getting into the rhythm of it this year which sucks and I’m determined to break it. I just need to slow my mind down and watch too many Christmas movies.

    • Livia Rose

      Hallmark is a great brainless way to enjoy Christmas without any effort. I like to come home from work and just vegetate on the sofa and watch them with my mom. My real little tree I got from Walmart and decorated is giving me great joy as well as my clean room. Little things can make Christmas.

  • Marian

    I’ve never really gone Black Friday shopping either, at least not in the morning. 😀 I used to think it would be fun, but I guess now we’re in the age of covid I will probably not participate.

    Congrats on getting on the apartment list, so exciting! I just wanna mention, and you’ve probably already thought of this, but you might want to get some door security items (alarms or portable locks, that kind of thing). This was something I didn’t think of till I moved in, but I feel much safer with them.

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