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Laughter: Screen Rant Pitch Meetings

Y’all, after I schedule this, I will have under 30 drafts! I started out with over 80!

So, this channel has over 7 million, but I only this year discovered this hilarious series.

Mulan. The part about “removing all the fun stuff,” yeah, that was basically my view of Mulan. I thought it at least was supposed to based on history, and more culturally accurate, HA, apparently there are also videos critiquing that. Yeah, I decided not to waste my time, I don’t like the animated except for the fun stuff which they disappeared, I saw bit while I was eating and my sisters were watching, but yeah, I’ll pass.

Hunger Games.

“Well there is not really any food in the district, so by the way the actors are gonna have to look skinny and malnourished, and well, hungry.”
“Okay, would you settle for having beautiful, well-fed actors that are in terrific shape?”

Harry Potter.

“Voldemort’s going to plan something evil every year, in the spring.”
“Nice of him to keep the school schedule like that.”

“I’ll be honest, that plan sounds super inconvenientĀ  . . . seems like there would be an easier way to get that done especially with magic being a thing.”
“Yeah, well that’s going to kind of be a theme in these movies . . . well, we’re gonna establish some magical things that would solve a lot of problems but then the character aren’t going to use them.” Bahahahaha!

Beauty and the Beast. The servants getting a worse punishment than the prince . . . Also. This:

“This all takes place in provincial France, so you’re going to have to find a bunch of you know British actors.”
“Don’t you need them to French accents, cause I can get French actors?”
“No, they should be British and speak with British accents. They can also be American, but they have to speak with British accents.”

This logic brings the Scarlet Pimpernel to mind . . .


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