DIY Christmas Inspiration Videos

3 DIY Christmas Ornaments Inspired by Anthropologie. I’m determined to make those gold temporary tattoo ones with those exact ones from Rifle Paper co and their peacock ones. I almost got them this year, but mistakes and budget happened, maybe I can get them soon for next year. I did get tiny glass ornaments for this, and they look lovely, like little bubbles just hanging on my tree. I will do my little tea set that I bought last year for the tea cup ornament. And I’d like to do the globe as well maybe in a different color scheme, silver and teal maybe.

DIY Cozy Christmas Decor: Ornaments, DIY Stocking, & Village. I might have to do some of these next year too. I usually just love about anything she does, we have similar tastes. I am hoping to do a lot more DIY next year when I will be in my own place and have more room and less fear of disaster with pets and people.

DIY Hand Painted Christmas Tree Ornaments. I think I want to see if I can make a few of these as gifts if I can find some at the dollar store or Walmart maybe, I know we have acrylic paint in the house somewhere I think. I especially love the beige and white.

3 SIMPLE last-minute gift wrapping ideas that also act as gifts!  I love gift basket type of gifts, it feels like opening a treasure chest, I thought this one was especially unique. I think I might have to make those little hats for gifts.

Cinnamon ornaments. I’m also planning on doing these this week. I had a fail with the orange garlands this year. I’m hoping I will be more patient and careful with these.


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