Christmas Countdown Activities 2020: Week 2

Sunday, December 6
  • Started decorating my tree and room.
  • Pinterest failed on the orange slice garland.
Monday, December 7
  • Listened to Bing Crosby’s Christmas on the way to work.
  • Watched Hallmark’s A Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas.
Tuesday, December 8
  • Started rewatching Hallmark’s With Love, Christmas.
  • Finished cleaning and decorating my room.
Wednesday, December 9
  • Listened to some Christmas songs. Not really in the mood for that. Just needed something Christmassy for the day.
Thursday, December 10
  • Listened to some Christmas music.
  • Watched Hallmark’s USS Christmas.
  • Rewatched a Hallmark fav, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
Friday, December 11
  • Listened to some carols. A bit of the struggle during the week to do Christmas stuff if we don’t watch a Hallmark. I’m looking forward to getting my Christmas books from the library.
Saturday, December 12
  • We did our family gingerbread decorating via Facebook messenger. I’m going to attempt to build mine today (I’m finishing the post Sunday the 13th). We’ll see, its a bit fragile.
  • Watched Hallmark’s A Little Christmas Charm.
  • Finished rewatching Hallmark’s With Love, Christmas.
  • Watched Hallmark’s Christmas Ring.



  1. You’ve done so many Christmassy things! Is the Most Wonderful Time of The Year one you mentioned the one with 2008 on with Henry Winkler?

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