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12 Delights of Christmas Tag

I was tagged by Ivy for this tag. Bring on the Christmas people!

1) A favorite Christmas tradition?

There are so many. I think just all of them, we usually go to Christmas Eve with extended family 🙁 Then do those still at home Christmas morning and then our whole family and grandparents.

I also love vegetating and watching Hallmark with Mom many nights

2) Say it snowed at your domicile, would you prefer to go out or stay curled up inside?

Inside, but it might be nice to step out and enjoy the beauty and take photos for a bit.

3) Tea or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate, I’d like to try old fashioned hot chocolate this year, with real bars of chocolate.

4) Favorite Christmas colors (i.e. white, blue, silver, red and green etc)?

I have red and green with touches of gold and cream. My grandmother did her tree a few years with whites, pearls golds, and silvers which I loved. I’d also kind of wanted a blush and rose gold this year, maybe next year. Don’t like a blue theme.

5) Favorite kind of Christmas cookie?

Mom does a cookie exchange, I can’t remember all the cookies we’ve gotten, not all of them traditional. I love gingerbread and Mom has made a chocolate cookie with hugs on top, I think mint hugs. I do like traditional sugar cookies as well.

Aside from the cookie exchange of recent years, we are more of a fudge, peppermint patties, buckeyes, and truffles group for Christmas.

6) How soon before Christmas do you decorate (more specifically, when does your tree go up)?

I don’t like rushing Christmas, it definitely has to be after Thanksgiving. This year, the first week of December, last year I couldn’t budget it in until later. I will also leave it up until after the tradition 12 days of Christmas.

7) Three favorite traditional Christmas carols?

I need to research all Christmas music, I’m sure I’m missing old favorites, but music is not my thing, and I’m not really in the mood. I listen to podcasts all the time at work, and I just feel like I have noise overload, noise pollution, per an old post, I like

“Carol of the Bells”

“Sing We Now of Christmas”

“Do You Here What I Hear”

“Angels from the Realms of Glory”

“Angels We Have Heard on High.”

8) A favorite Christmas song (i.e. something you might hear on the radio)?

See above about my attitude, nerves. “Here We Come A-Wassailing.” This I like because it is sung in Little Women (1994). I like the David Archuleta and Celtic Women version.

“Ding Dong Merrily on High.” Also because of Little Women (1994).

“Last Christmas” The Brit Nicole version.

9) A favorite Christmas movie?

This is hard. I’ve not seen all the classics, but the favorite classic I’ve seen is White Christmas. We also watch Narnia. For Hallmark, we have several favorites. I’m going to do a post about those soon.

10) Have you ever gone caroling?

Yes, mandatorily years ago at nursing homes for church.

11) Ice skating, sledding, skiing, or snow boarding?

Ice skating. I’d love to get my own skates and take lessons, I’ve been meaning to for awhile.

12) Favorite Christmas feast dish?

Thanksgiving is more of our feasting, Christmas is lighter with more emphasis on the desserts. We usually have ham, last year we had hors d’oeuvres as a meal both for Christmas Eve and Christmas. I love this! We always have deviled eggs.


  • Elizabeth

    Again I loved this! It sounds like you have a lot of good traditions. Also, I love the colour combinations you mentioned.

    I’ve wondered how the Thanksgiving/ Christmas thing worked in the States. I’m sure it’s not really any different from Canada (except that ours is in October), but it’s still neat to see how others incorporate it considering how close the two holidays are together. It’s just a random detail I’ve always been mildly curious about.

    • Livia Rose

      I think a lot of people think it’s too close, but those are probably the people who start Christmas in October or beginning of November. That makes Christmas too common in my opinion. I’d rather stretch it towards January with the traditional 12 days of Christmas because there is such a dearth of holidays in Winter until Valentine’s Day.

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