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What I Watched: September and October 2020

I forgot to do a movie round up for September and since I’ve not really been watching much I thought I put September and October together.


What a Girl Wants. I needed a nice, fluffy funny film, and this delivered, especially a certain hilarious scene with Colin Firth dancing in front of the mirror, especially since Colin Firth always plays a variation of the same character: an emotionally constipated somewhat priggish Brit.

“No hugs dear, I’m British, we only show affection to dogs and horses.”

I believe I also started Oh My Venus, my first K-drama, I didn’t realize it is more like a series not a movie, so I didn’t get very far, and I’ve restarted my Hulu subscription, so I’m watching it again this month, and I’m halfway through now I think. I at first thought it dragged and was rather bewildered, but then the super funny stuff started happening.


Jumanjii 2. I haven’t seen any Jumanjii’s until we watched this on a sibling movie night. I was screaming with laughter, I will definitely have to watch the first one. Kevin Hart was a scream, my sister said she thought he was best in this one and that Jack Black was the best in the first remake. I need to watch the first one soon.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Eh, after Some Like it Hot, this is really tame.

Twelve Angry Men. Wow. wow. wow. Everyone, and I mean everyone should watch this. If you don’t know much about it, don’t learn anything, just go into it without learning, it packs its punch stronger that way.


I learned about Darling Desi on Youtube from this post by Hannah of Literary Morning, but I really started watching the videos when she started doing her fall videos, talk of atmospheric, they are SO fun and inspiring! This channel is so unique. I’ve already watched two of the movies she mentioned on her mysteries video.

Lauren Johnson has lots of fall sewing and craft videos, and I just love her aesthetic. I first found out about the glorious Rifle Paper company through her.


  • Marian

    Yeah, I really like Twelve Angry Men, too! Great actors in that one.

    I haven’t seen Jumanji. Someone recommended to me the original/classic film, so I might watch that. I also want to get into K-Dramas hehe.

    • Livia Rose

      I’ve heard the older Jumanji is maybe serious/eerie (?) while the remakes are hysterical.

      My younger sister (gen-z seems to be the age for Korean everything at moment, or at least k-pop), says that lots of k-drama is thriller? But I think that is just what she gravitates to. When I first started hearing about k-drama years ago, it was romance. I’m almost afraid to try more, like maybe this one is setting my expectations in a way the others won’t fulfill?!

  • McKayla

    Jumanji 2 is such a fun movie. And, yes, Kevin Hart’s performance is amazing. I’ve heard of What A Girl Wants, and I may have seen it, but I’m not sure. If I did, it was a long time ago.
    What is 12 Angry Men about? I’ve heard of it, and that it’s good, but I don’t know the plot.

    • Livia Rose

      12 Angry Men is a courtroom drama I guess you could say. I don’t want to give it away. Its not your typical movie but very important in scope because of the portrayal of an aspect of the US legal/court system.

  • Elizabeth

    If you loved the the second Jumanji movie I think you’ll definitely love the first one. Personally I think it’s a lot better than the second one so you’re in for a fun time if or when you do watch it XD

    Again, thanks for the Darling Desi recommendation! I’ve been watching a lot of her videos lately

    • Livia Rose

      I hope so, I need to see where I can stream it.

      You are welcome, I so randomly clicked on the link in on Hannah’s post, I almost didn’t try it and then almost didn’t watch more, and now she’s my favorite youtuber at the moment.

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