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We usually have a Spring and Fall family Ladies’s Shopping Day. This year we had a modified family Ladies’ Shopping Day. Usually more people come and we shop for hours at around 3-4 stores and then eat out. I think we shopped for less than 1.5 hours, and I went to two stores. Mom and one aunt went to three, and we picked up food to eat at my grandmother’s house, she I think just went to one place.

I only ever been to the post office (for work) and grocery stores and those are usually fairly quick. So I think that is the longest I’ve worn a mask. I also think anyone besides our family at the stores is too much on a normal day in a normal year. Plus large thrift stores with booths are overwhelming, so despite being the youngest by quite a bit, I was done in just as fast, if not faster. But because I’m usually much faster at looking, I found a considerable haul.

I found this one for about $2.50. I saw several more with a price range of $8 to $13. However, I think I have a reamer, unless I got rid of it. It was prettier to0, a green glass one. Oh, well, we’ll see once I unpack everything in the near future.

Now, farm house isn’t my style, but I do like farm house cooking, and I do like a touch of rustic style now and then. I found this bean pot for $12.

I found these fun Christmas cookie cutters for a total of $5.

I’m trying to keep a lookout for trays since I learned the tip of using trays to tie decor together via one of the the Sorry Girls videos. This was between $11 and $12.

I love silver and pewter. Once I again, I think I managed to find the cheapest option, this is silver plated. I’ll polish it at some point, although the patina is kinda cool too. I found this for $10 while the other options I saw were in the $20 and above range, and I don’t think I like the shapes of any of them as well either.

I saw this sake bottle before at least once over 6 months ago, except the little cups were with it at that time. It was only $5, and I’m planning on using it as a vase (my first thought was with a sprig of eucalyptus), but I still left my information in case they find the cups.

Gotta have a teacup of course. This was $3. There were several, but I like having different ones, but then I was thinking, what if it broke?! However, I think I should stick with this one, especially since at another store I asked them to hold me an entire blue, white, and silver Noritake dinner set which had tea cups.

And when I was putting up various things I opted not to get, I found a Kitchen Aid crock pot for $14!!!! It works, I tried it out to make sure.

I have another cream multi-strand pearl necklace. I’m wanting to restring both of them into different things. We’ll see. This was $5.

$5 vintage feel studs. I love the oversized retro look. I’ve already worn these. I often find at least one unique pair of earrings to add to my collection on these trips.

Speaking of the earring collection, the day before I received my first Mejuri purchase. I was just scrolling their website dream shopping, when I saw these, I think they may be limited edition, and I knew I wanted them. I love the vintage modern look.


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