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More Personality Test Ranting and Links

Another post from the past. I bounce back and forth to interest and aggravation in personality tests and boredom. Here is a period of interest and aggravation.

Charity and Katie have been posting explanations about personality tests, and I wanted to post my results and I found this draft in my archives

So, what types get hung up on stuff? Because I just can’t let this Myers Briggs thing go. I know its absolute hogwash, but seeing all these people make funny videos or talk about their type, I keep wanting to find a type. I get ISTP from like every test I take, but I don’t “relate.” I’ve also gotten ISTJ (I can be ISTJ towards people, “follow rules, fit in a box, leave me alone.” (well actually, now, I’m leaning towards avoider) But oh, honey, don’t try that on me! I’ve also gotten INTP. But none of them “fit.” And the functions, what the heck? Looking at the function, I’m like three introverted ones which you “can’t have.” Yeah, okay. I wanted to know what a function based test would look like.

This test used a couple frameworks. I didn’t put any types on the questions at the bottom because #1 I wanted to know/didn’t relate and #2 I didn’t want it to affect the test. Guess what I got ISTP (also, INTP on two).

I’ve also done this cognitive function test as few times. I think I usually got the same results.

Adobe Creative Types. I took this in April and October and both times I got the Thinker.

Character strength finder.

America’s Mood Map

Edit 10/9

I took the 4 Temperament Test tonight. This framework was the first personality tests I took or I had tests based on it. The closest to the original I took put me as mostly choleric with I think melancholic, the plegmatic, then sanguine, for a while I kept the results, but I don’t know if I still have those, this had to be over a decade ago. Before I took the test this time, reading over the explanations here, I thought I’d been choleric and melancholic, guess what I got 51% choleric and 49% melancholic. I personally don’t think the definitions match me very well, this test looks to focus too much on the positives maybe. I don’t see much of my low-energy-ness. I don’t have the temper I used to either.


  • Elizabeth

    The struggle with personality tests is real. I’ve gotten INFP fairly consistently and for the most part I relate to most of it with exceptions. But a few months ago I got my parents, who have very different personalities, take it and they also got INFP and I had whole existential crises with it. I know it’s not the final word of personality types but it is fun to figure it out.
    Except when it doesn’t make sense, then it’s annoying.

    • Livia Rose

      Exactly, I’ll often get into them again when another blogger or youtubers mentions them or mentions a new one, but then I start seeing everything being made objective, and I’m trying to stick myself in a mold not made for me and that I ultimately don’t want to fit it. However, I do love and highly recommend that Sorting Hats Chats Harry Potter houses, it takes the houses more seriously and its super interesting. Charity and Katie first illustrated these on their blogs.

  • McKayla

    Personality tests are fun, but obviously not every person fits into a little box, and we shouldn’t pretend that they do. Even in the tests that are accurate for me, there are things that don’t apply to me. It’s probably that way for everyone.

    • Livia Rose

      I find them enjoyable and if they are helpful for some people, that is great. I actually find the Sort Hats Chats (I’ll have a post on that soon hopefully) Harry Potter sorting houses most helpful. I just don’t like when pseudoscience is presented as science.

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