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Information Minimalism

This is tied to digital minimalism, information excess flows into digital excess.

Too much info, period, plus saving things for reading later. I need to realize that like Sherlock, I can’t store everything. I also don’t need to access everything. And re-accessing, maintaining, and organizing are not a great use of my time. I spend more time doing that than creating. Actually my creating is taking a deep dive anyway.
  • To many emails, daily. I think I’ve managed to cut my emails down considerably. And have a better archiving process in place. I’m trying to unsubscribe from marketing emails once I’ve received the discount. I also have a habit of emailing myself something I want to read later, This is often useful, but again, so much information from so many sources, I can’t be interested and keep track of it all, and I often leave items in inbox as a reminder so I don’t forget rather than acting on things immediately, so I still end up with a lot by the weekend, but a much smaller load that before I did a big unsub effort. Still could use work.
  • Blogs. I miss having more high quality blogs, I have many favorites, but I wish there were more. I think I need to unfollow some that I don’t really read much and then continually reevaluate. And then there are my drafts, which I’m working on now. I think I had 80 something at the beginning of this year, and I had 40 something this week which I’m working on.
  • Youtube. I really had to pare down people I follow on youtube, I was wasting sooo much time. I put many on an overflow list in Pinterest so I don’t forget them. I still feel like I watch too many.
  • Instagram. I like Instagram, but I still waste to much time on it. I delete it off my phone for weekdays although I still get on it on my computer sometimes, need to work on that. I also need to unfollow lots more people, esp. the impersonal big accounts.
  • Facebook. I got back on FB after I think like 5 years. I wanted access to marketplace. I did however, immediately unfollow a lot of people who post a lot. I think I also need to delete from phone.
  • Pinterest. I do find Pinterest useful as a visual search engine, but I don’t think I need to curate more pins, but rather look at those I have. I also find it useful to use Pinterest boards as planning boards and vision boards. Again, balance.
  • Bookmarks. I have many bookmark folders, some I do refer back to and others I could use more, but I think I need to delete some, brb. Oh, and again the “oh, I’ll read this later.” Yeah, either set aside a time, read it now, or delete.
  • Word. I have tons of scribbles in Word that I’d like to develop into blog posts or move to Evernote.
  • Evernote. I’ve managed to minimize and empty all my sticky notes. I’m trying to really only use Evernote. To keep all my thoughts and potential blog posts, etc. in Evernote. I then need to make the time from scribbling them to publishing in blog post shorter.
  • Other apps. I like the deleting until needed concept. I think I need to do this more strictly.


  • Marian

    “I miss having more high quality blogs.” – Same! I’m definitely guilty of spending more time on IG now than blogging. Which is sad, because I honestly prefer the long-form, thoughtful content of blogs.

    What do you look for in a high quality blog?

    I wish I could use IG responsibly. 😛 I get easily addicted to feeds of images (which is one reason I had to quit Tumblr when I was on there). Also the whole FOMO or “fear of missing out” is reallyyy bad on IG for me. I do use it as a messaging app for some very good friends, so I don’t want to ditch it entirely. I’ve been trying to use the Threads app, which is just for messaging. That helps somewhat, but I invariable reinstall the full IG to post pictures, and then don’t have the self-discipline to uninstall it… 🙁

    Almost everything else you describe is also a problem for me, or has been in the past.

    • Livia Rose

      I like blogs with similar interests like books and such with thoughtful analysis of said books, I feel like books and movie reviews are usually the common theme now, usually people of a similar background but not always. I’d like to see more bloggers of my age that don’t have families, that are still single, feels like lots of homeschoolers get married and have gets and stop blogging.

      I’m get paring down my Instagram follows, a lot of people I follow on Instagram are bloggers I follow, so its a lot more of an extension of that now, which is good, rather than scrolling tons of perfect photos that eventually seem to all be the same thing.

  • Skye H

    I’m trying to be more picky with all the types of media I consume. I’m not very good at it.
    I do wish there were more high quality blogs. I struggle with writing solid posts myself though.

    • Livia Rose

      I’m trying to be more mindful, sometimes I feel like I’m just consuming for that sake of so I don’t have to mentally focus or something, I enjoy your posts, you have a unique perspective.

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