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I wrote this after watching Endgame what was, it a year, two years ago? I have a problem with delayed responses to movies, I wrote this list out and then delayed writing it out into a real review, but since I’ve already done this, and I don’t like deleting things, I’ll try to brush it up a bit.

  • Brought back all the Clintasha chemistry, since there are so many iterations in the comics this is cannon as is Cap Am romance, not sure on that weird Hulk bit, ( but neither of those other flings felt like this), I mean I don’t love the characters, but I love them together. I love Katie’s theory about how he was married before he met her, because y’all, no WAY would he have married anyone else after meeting her.
  • Honorable hero duo Thor/Cap and the long-forgotten movement of the hammer. I knew it would be Thor!
  • Thor, oh, my stars. A scream. Definitely rounded out the movie. However, I do prefer handsome Thor (he looks his best in Ragnarok).
  • Rodey’s lines.
  • Cap and Peggy
  • Nat and Tony’s character arcs, two characters that can really get under my skin
  • Not too much of Cap M
  • Scott Lang’s arrival back: I think the fact that I didn’t know his story made this part even more poignant than it already was. I greatly disliked him in Civil War, but in this movie he intrigued me enough to watch his movies, which I greatly enjoyed.
  • So many awesome entrances
  • Hilarious music
  • Perfectly timed humor
  • The whole plan
  • Peter’s preciousness
  • I love almost every major character, even the ones who’ve previously and still annoyed me
  • I did wish there was more Bucky


  • McKayla

    Endgame was a masterpiece. It was very well made.
    I like Nat, and I like Tony, most of the time, which made me even more emotional about their character arcs.
    Clintasha, yesssss! In the first movie, they seemed to have really great chemistry, and then in AoU Clint’s married. Um, why, screenwriters?
    I mean, I’m not the writer, and I hate when fans get overly possessive, but it seemed like they wasted a good character arc.
    Great review. I enjoyed reading it.

    • Livia Rose

      It almost made the Clintasha thing more intense, to have that plot twist really. I usually prefer happy endings, but they aren’t always the most complex option.

  • Elizabeth

    Reading this was fun and it’s just interesting really. I’m way too curious about people’s thoughts are on different things like this.

    Absolute YES to the Clintasha chemistry. I’ll never understand why they decided to break them up and why the weird Hulk relationship drama was a thing. Relationship drama aside, it just seemed like they were making her into more of a caricature of herself. To me personally at least.

    • Livia Rose

      Yes, her character dipped (actually a lot of them did, I didn’t love the actual Avengers group movies until this one) in quality, but they brought back everyone’s character depth in Endgame which I loved.

  • MovieCritic

    Ah, I can’t believe that it’s been that long since I’ve seen Endgame. I loved it so much (my favorite MCU movie!), and this post is making me want to see again, really badly. Right now my sisters and I are working our way you to it again by watching them all in order, but we’re a long way off. Just everything about it was so good! I, too, knew basically nothing about Scott Lang, but since then I’ve liked watching his movies. Thanks for the good feels, Livia!

    • Livia Rose

      One of my sisters was trying to watch all the MCU movies in order, I’m not sure where she was at. I’d like to eventually, but I need a Marvel break. I think I might have watched Endgame like three times.

  • Skye Hoffert

    Endgame redeemed all the things I hated in Infinity War it was such a nice end to it all.
    I will forever be sad about how they dealt with Clint and Natasha. They had such a good set up and chemistry and even Jeremy Renner was shocked with how it went down.

    • Livia Rose

      That is a good way to put it, I didn’t hate Infinity War, I just couldn’t be bothered to pay attention very closely, but Endgame!

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