What Do You Call the Virus?

Hello from one of my brain dead weekdays.

I randomly got on Pinterest and found a pin I’d sent my sisters. I’m two, or at least I try. As much as hearing or reading ‘Rona makes me want to SHRIEK in rage, that look below cracks me up.


    1. I try to call it covid-19 or covid, but when people around me (at a newspaper office! or at home) still call it the coronavirus, I fail. Yeah, lots of jokes or warnings whenever anyone coughs (and I cough when using hand sanitizer!).

    1. I try to call it that because I’m frustrated by the misinformation and the fact that there are many coronaviruses out there including nonfatal ones like the common cold to fatal ones like this one and sars, so its is NOT THE coronavirus but A coronavirus, but sometimes I’m lazy and have forgotten.

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