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Alison from Alison’s Well tagged me a few weeks ago. Here’s the link to her original post.

It’s taken me awhile to figure out some good ones, I wanted to try to get as many lesser know characters as I could . . . not sure that really worked. I’ve not watched enough movies, and I need to read more and maybe less to type or more lesser known works.

PRINCE FLORIAN – A Character Who Stumbles Into Things

Timothy stumbles into the world of faeries in Rebel book 2 of Faerie Rebels.

PRINCE CHARMING – A Character Who Looks Past The Exterior Of Those Around Him.

Jip (in the book of the same name) and his friend who does it for him. People cast out together have to do that or they will be just like those who cast them out. Read this book without any prior knowledge, it is WAY more impactful that way.

PRINCE PHILLIP – A Character Who Fights For Those He Cares About

Aquila in Lantern Bearers. The problem is, sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop fighting or who to stop fighting or how to stop fighting, in his heart and soul.

PRINCE ERIC – A Character Who Fulfills The “Dreamy Soft Boy” Trope.

Peeta Mellark, I mean who else.

THE BEAST – A Beastly Character Who Is Redeemed

If beastly can stand for “bad” because as you will see, my mention has a different style of bad. Read these books.

Martin from Rebel (books 2 of Faerie Rebels by R.J. Anderson), Arrow (books 3 of Faerie Rebels Trilogy) by R.J. Anderson), Swift and Nomad (books 1 and 2 from the now named and finally to get a third book in the connected Flight and Fire Trilogy). I think this prompt feets Martin better than Scoundrel with A Heart of Gold. I think. You decide.

Presumably he will also in be Torch (which from what I got from the Nomad will be a LOT about him, no spoilers) which will hopefully still be coming out next February 6 years after Nomad, I cannot WAIT!* Read these people!

Oh, also, I bought all mine from Amazon UK, so they match and because Arrow, Swift, and Nomad weren’t given U.S. editions. Also Knife, the first book of all of them and Rebel have different names in the U.S. and The Flight and Fire trilogy are being redone. Did I mention, READ THEM?!

ALADDIN – A Character Who Assumes A False Identity.

Phaedrus in Mark of the Horse Lord. YOU have to find out. 

JOHN SMITH – A Character Who Loves To Explore.

Spiller in The Borrowers series. I had such a crush on him growing up.

LI SHANG – A  Character Who Is A Tough, Military Leader.

Alexios Flavius Aquila in Frontier Wolf

FLYNN RYDER –  A Character Who Is A Scoundrel With A Heart Of Gold.

Jack Sparrow.

PRINCE NAVEEN –  A Character Who Undergoes A Transformation.

Costi in Wildwood Dancing.

KRISTOFF –   A Character Who Is A Down-To-Earth Hero.

Jamie in Keeper of the Bees by Gene Stratton-Porter.

EMPEROR KUZCO – A Character Who’s Obnoxious But Still Lovable.

Ah, Kuzco. How could I get even close to Alison’s pick? Or to matching the pizzazz of Kuzco himself. Algernon Moncrieff maybe? Jack Sparrow also fits this.




*The publishing industry . . . has problems, I know the author always had this book planned/written, and I know another series that got dropped, the Martha series about Laura Ingalls Wilder’s grandmother, that stuff is so irritating.


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