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Autumnal Atmosphere and a Pumpkin Picking Saga

Friday and Saturday had the overcast skies, the changing leaves, the wind that all feel so very fallish. We also had a bonfire on Friday night. Dad had been burning our burn piles all days, so we had hot coals by supper times to cook over. Most of my food was from the grill, but I had some mushrooms that were slow roasting over the fire. I also made the most perfect smore I’ve ever had, slow cooking my marshmallows until they were soft inside but not seared on the outside.

With the smoke, the skies, and leaves blowing, we had a quintessentially autumn vibe going. Then we had a dogfight. Well, not everything can be perfect. Thankfully, the instigator is tiny and easy to grab.

Tuesday we had sisters night (for which I made gingerbread and vanilla whipped cream) and watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Then Thursday we had a sibling night and watched Jumanji: The Next Level. I was screaming. I was not expecting it to be that funny which is the best way to go into something really. I need to watch the first one, I suppose I should also watch the original.

Friday was the bonfire, and Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch and a tea. I made gingersnap cookies for the later. We went to the patch on the way to the tea, so I was all dolled up in a maroon sweater dress, fondly imagining that all I needed to do was wear mom’s garden boots (which incidentally matched my dress) and everything else would remain untouched . . .

The funny thing is about pumpkins is that they grow in the dirt and you have to you know, carry them? Also, I fondly imagined a neat flat field of pumpkins with rows (I’ve gone pumpkin picking before, I think but it was years ago). Not sure why I assumed flat, everything is rolling around here. Also, we sat on hay bales on the ride to and from the field obviously which I also did not factor in. And I got three pumpkins. One of my sisters said that she wished one of them had extra arms to take a photo of my walking around that field carrying my three pumpkins in that dress.

Because I found pumpkins then kept finding better ones. Then we all met up even further out in the field (patch doesn’t really give you the idea) to look over everyone’s and make final decisions. I brushed dirt off my front multiple times (thankfully it hadn’t rained yet and my dress fabric made it easy to brush the dirt off) and removed large stickies from my dresse (there where tall weeds in the less picked over/not at all picked over sections) as well as the almost invisible sticky splinter things that are on the pumpkin vines (probably because we were grabbing not quite ripe ones maybe?).

I settled on this stack of three. The greenish grey lost its stalk after we got back to pay.

Anyway, I tottered all the way back through the vines that had some slight paths with my three pumpkins looking amusing I’m sure. Pumpkins were $0.49 a pound, and I was trying to estimate how many pounds I had, envisioning paying $80 dollars and hoping not higher . . .

Neither my math, my estimating, nor my physical strength are that great. I paid $14 dollars. I struggled to carry approximately 30 pounds (I know this because I just used a calculator, lol).

After picking up some cider (for homemade apple cider doughnuts in the hopefully near future) and some of the farms cider doughnuts (can’t hold a candle to the homemade ones), we betook our windblown selves to the tea party. I thought I brushed all the dirt and such off. I forgot the hay on the back of my dress. Oh, well.

We brought our own cups (mine matched my dress, I had great luck with matching that day). There were pumpkin and apple goodies, sandwiches, and fallish teas. I had vanilla. We visited our friends day old puppies and then went home. I was completely wiped out by 4:30 and went to bed at 9.

Have I mentioned that I love Fall y’all?!!!!

Also Trey Kennedy’s Girls During Fall video is up, and its funnier than ever, and he filmed it at a place that looked similar to the one we visited. I only did the pumpkin patch, but my mom had previously taken my niece to do that bouncy thing and ride a little train and stuff like that. I think they had animals somewhere too. There are clearly basic fall farms. And clearly I’m a basic fall girl  . . . just a frillier version who hates Starbucks.

I had to take a detour through town and saw this perfectly eerie Victorian-ish Autumnal house.



  • Skye

    The pumpkins you picked are gorgeous! All the things you did sound so fun.
    I forgot how dirty pumpkins could be too. Apple cider doughnuts are one of my new favorite things, along with apple cider.
    It makes the house smell amazing.
    Fall really is the best time. Love this post!

    • Livia Rose

      I’d never seen pastel pumpkins until you posted your photos, I was thrilled when I found out our patch had those colors two.

      I can’t wait to make my doughnuts. Fall scents are some of the best. I’ve some lovely fall candles which if I’m SUPER careful, MAYBE I can trust myself to light. I mean like put a timer on, alerts on my phone, I’m just not a very fire safe perosn.

      Thanks, you and Elizabeth have really inspired me with all your fall posts. Fall is just so refreshing for me.

  • McKayla

    Picking out pumpkins is so much fun. I’ve only gone once, and that was years ago. I should go again soon.
    Apple cider donuts? I don’t think I’ve ever had those. They sound very tasty.
    That dress is beautiful. I love the color.
    Lol. I’ve been in similar situations, where I wear a dress because I don’t anticipate how dirty/sweaty I’m going to be, or how much manual labor there is.
    You watched Jumanj: The Next Level? That movie is hilarious. The first one is really good, too, but I like the second one slightly better. I didn’t expect to like either of them as much as I did.
    It looks like you’ve been having a great fall.
    It is a pretty popular season, isn’t it? Maybe because summer is so hot, and it’s nice to have cool weather.

    • Livia Rose

      I think my mom used the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction blog, that is the one I’m going try, hopefully this Saturday.

      I need to watch the first Jumanji, I didn’t mean to watch out of order, it is just they way it happened.

      Yeah, I seem to have not great summers sometimes, so fall is such a “restart” month for me.

  • Elizabeth

    This is such a gorgeous post! I adore everything (the pumpkins, the dress, the food, etc) and the fall vibes are on point.
    This all sounds amazing and I’m so glad you’re having such a good fall! It sounds like you’ve been really enjoying it.
    Fall is the best!!
    I love the eerie Victorian-ish house, it gives me big ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ vibes.

    • Livia Rose

      You and Skye have been inspiring me with your posts and fun.

      That house, I just looked up, and thought, wow, just perfect.

  • Catherine

    This sounds so nice and autumn-y! Nice to see proper pumpkin picking – when people do it here normally the pumpkins have already been picked and just scattered about a field – I knew there were supposed to be leaves! 😂

    • Livia Rose

      It was super fun.

      There were some already picked and left among the vines, but I think at least some of those were other people (and then my) rejects. I pulled a few off, they have tiny almost invisible splinters … so maybe not ready to be picked, oops. But it was definitely where they grew and too many for workers to pick or even make neat.

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