The Idiot Part One

I’m reading The Idiot by Dostoevsky for my Classics Club spin. I’m using this character list, someone took the Sparknotes version and took out the spoilers (why do these character lists have spoilers in the first place?!!!!). I printed it out, so I could have it handy.

I’m reading on the Serial Reader app. I did get the paid version, so I can read ahead and have more than one novel going. It’s not a subscriptions, so it’s more than fair for me the excellence of it, I mean I’d give more.

Marian of Classics Considered is rereading it, so if anyone wants to join us, the more the merrier. I’m going to try to post as I go along so we can discuss, she has posted some already on her Instagram, she’s reading a book of notes about the novel so this is really in depth! I don’t think I can think that deep, but we shall see.

I’m WAAAY behind, I’m about 22% of the way through, per the app, and on chapter 8. My impressions/emotions thus far have been:

“oh, this is going to be painful, poor precious baby”

to “I’m bored out of my mind with his pointless boring stories (why must authors stuff their pages so baldly?)”

to “ooh, now it’s getting interesting”

back to “oh, this is going to be painful, poor precious baby”

to “I think some second-hand embarrassment is coming”

Someone shared this list of general plots of British, German, and Russian novels on Instagram. Can’t speak to the German novels, but the other two sound about right.


    1. Well, its gotten more interesting now, but those long pointless stories about random people just about kill me.

    1. Thanks, its easier than critical analyzing at the moment . . . and Russian lit is just . . . something else.

  1. I saw that Instagram meme! So true. 😆
    And thanks for the shout-out! You are way ahead of me, but I ought to be able to catch up by the end of this week.
    I love your reactions, haha. Dostoyevsky gives me second-hand embarrassment, too, every time!!

    1. That meme is everything.

      I’ve been all over the place, I thought that my reactions would be easier to post about. I’m falling behind again because I’m back to a more negative reaction.

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