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What I’ve Been Up to: June and July 2020

I think I included some June things in May, but I feel like June and July were connected in a lot of ways. I had 3 classes, tons of wedding prep, little time.

I cut down on social media (easy to do when one actually has stuff going on in real life, amazing how that works), tried to curate a bit. I’ve got a YouTube addiction problem, so I moved many YouTubers over to my Pinterest YouTube overflow board, in an attempt to not have enough YouTube to binge at a time, so that I don’t check it obsessively. I didn’t really have the time to before, and since I’ve finished school, I still have wasted a lot of time on it, but I do think this was a step in the right direction.

For Instagram, I felt bored of a lot of Instagrammers, I tend to go in phases, because I will follow people who focus on a specific craft or hobby that I’m interested in at the moment, and then I get bored of seeing it. But also, some of the more “professional” ones drown out the smaller, more interesting bloggers and those who feel more like real people. I also started a habit of deleting Instagram from my phone on the week, because I would get on it at work and just mindlessly scroll during my breaks. I’d already really only been posting on the weekends, so as to keep in from being stressful. But I really like that mind trick of deleting it. I resisted doing that with Youtube, but I probably should, even though YouTube on my computer is more of them problem.

I shared some wedding posts on Instagram. I made little seed packets for the wedding favors, but not many people took them, I don’t think most people noticed them as they only had a limited time in the lobby for obvious reasons, I do think they would have been more popular on the table even in a more normal wedding environment.

I made a cheesecake, and I also made the cake. I used this recipe for the cake and icing (no filing) with dark chocolate cocoa. I made a practice run, and I decided to forgo the espresso powder, use proportionally more cocoa in the icing, and add the cocoa AFTER the other ingredients were beat together in order for the icing to stay dark. It taste AMAZING.

I learned that you need pans with a 4″ difference in diameter in order for a cake to look properly tiered, so although I made cakes for three tiers, I had to leave out the middle. Also, naked cakes are hard too, I thought it would be easier, my cake was super moist and a bit uneven and some of the edges were falling off so it wasn’t quite naked. But with the berries and low light it was fine. I guess.

We had tons of the Costco cake and cheesecake as well as my cake and cheesecake leftover even though we didn’t overcalculate near as bad as with my other sister’s wedding. But better to overcalculate than under.

I also had to hem my dress, with my genius, I manage to overcut and make it tea length rather than floor length, but since I’m prone to stepping on my long dresses, my shoes hurt my feet so badly that I ended up taking them off instantly after the ceremony, and I plan on wearing the dress to less formal events, it works out fine I think. I got my dress on Poshmark, a J Crew dress for around $80. I loved it, it was so flattering, and it nice that it got two wears and hopefully more to come.

I ended up having to work on school during the wedding week (it’s a good thing I had aimed at no school so at least I had some margin for when I did have to do it), including taking a test the morning of the wedding. I ended up having to use my paid birthday off day to do school from 6am to almost 12 midnight with a few breaks. But I’m done glory hallelejah, and I passed with decent letter grades (I was seriously afraid), and I should have another associate’s. I will NOT however, be continuing on the accounting track though, I certainly learned how greatly I could despise it, and I grappled with the sunk cost fallacy.
Hilariously, this sort of thing was discussed at the beginning of the chapter of one of my accounting textbooks, a chapter on cost benefits analysis. The chapters always featured real life examples, and this chapter was discussing many of the fallacies related to cost-benefit analysis we make in our lives, like trying to “suck it up” and “power through” that are actually detrimental. I’m good at ditching a book that I feel is wasting my time, I’ve struggled with the college question though, holding onto it as a life-preserver rather than acknowledging I’m using it as an absurdly expensive crutch.
My aiming for accounting did land me my current job, however, this job is high-school level in real requirements. I don’t want to stay in accounting, so why would I pour money in to have to stay longer in the field to try to get that money back? I’m fine with my current job for now, but I need to move on to different things which is what I’m going to work on now. If I change from those things, at least they will be less expensive. I still have college in my mind, but for other things. I really just one to feel like a “real” historian, I think, which isn’t a great reason, but I also truly love history and economics (not the graphs part, the concepts part, I really enjoyed those parts of my econ class).
In one of the Not Overthinking podcast episodes, Ali mentions having a Commonplace book. I decided when I saw the above section in my textbook that I would created one right then and that would be my first quote. I know that Katherine at Leaf in the Leaf blog has written about Commonplace books, some of her posts are Commonplace books posts, but it didn’t click until Ali mentioned it and then I had my first great source. It’s funny because I think Ali was mentioning awareness of principles in one the earliest episodes(I can’t remember the exact terminology he used), that what seems obvious to one person may not be obvious. I don’t know if he mentioned this or not, but sometimes you have hear things said in a specific way in order to really be aware or listen.
Anyhow, time to wrap up this rambling post.


    • Livia Rose

      Thanks! And yeah, I’m sure good at knowing what I don’t like, not so great about figuring out what I do, in terms of careers. And yes, making the cake was fun, retrospectively. I think “handmade” weddings make the process fun. Most of my sisters and one of my sister’s future sister in laws made something for the wedding in terms of decorating.

  • Marian

    Loved seeing all the wedding decor photos! Also, isn’t finding the right dress just so satisfying? I have one that I wore to my cousin’s wedding last year… probably won’t see the light of day again for years to come, but at least I have it. 😀

    Cheesecake is on my cooking bucket list. Do you have a recipe you’d recommend?

    Congrats on your classes / associate’s!! I love history, too, would have majored in it if it had been an option. I did the college route (my dad really wanted me to) but have very conflicted feelings about the experience.

    • Livia Rose

      The cakes were so good. I think the wedding couple still has their leftovers.

      Yes, I probably need to schedule another one, but I’ve been doing pretty good compared to before.

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