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Walmart vs Target You Know Like Totally Different

This is a very deep post, obviously.

Trey Kennedy has been doing 20 videos in August for a charity challenge, and there have been some absolutely hysterical ones. One of my favorites is

Target People and Walmart People. Now, I know where I live, I think everyone shops at Walmart. Maybe I’m delusional, but I think you can find from upper middle to lower class there. But apparently in other states only um, how to I put it, we’ll just go with the Walmart people meme type people shop there.  Not a very rich nor aiming to be classy state you know.

Anyway, I go to Walmart all the time because the time from when I get up from my desk to walking in Walmart can’t be above 5″ minutes. I’d like to think I’m not redneck though, actually, I know I’m not redneck. Target is the stereotype of basic white girls, which I’d also like to think I’m not . . . that however is probably up for debate.

I mean I shop at Walmart and talk like Target, I mean, like you, like, he was like. I was talking to my mom about this, I know a lot of people make fun of Americans for talking like (proper usage!) this, and I wasn’t public schooled not surrounded by popular culture, how on earth did I pick this up? Does it just spontaneously spring from us?!

Also, I think at lot of people were talking about the cleanliness of the stores. Well, my sister worked at Target, and she had some stories both with regards to that and the classiness of people. I’ll spare you the ones that come to mind.

But before I worked in the town I work now, the Walmart I would often frequent in the nicer side of the city was side by side literally, with a Target. And I only occasionally went there. My dad always says he doesn’t understand how they can thrive side by side, and we always point out, they really aren’t rivals. Target is a nicer store, supposedly anyway for like clothes, a bit nicer makeup, home goods, things like that.

But usually to me, Target isn’t nice enough or doesn’t have enough variety. Like Kohl’s is the same in quality to me in terms of clothes. And in my teens and early twenties I would far rather have bought from Kohl’s most of the time. And now, I’m either dirt cheap or more expensive or more specific (like Ulta for makeup) than Target depending on what I’m looking for. I have bought some things from Target, don’t get me wrong, its just not usually my first source for just about anything.



  • Marian

    I saw that video, too. 😀 I thought it was funny. We have a spectrum of Walmarts here… some are more upscale and some kind of “eh.” I used to like going to Target for the clothes and Icees, but they stopped selling Icees and now I just get a hyper-trendy vibe there that I don’t really enjoy. Walmart is more chill.

    • Livia Rose

      I know, I find him really funny normally but, he has been especially on fire with the stay at home videos and the August videos.

      Our Walmarts are like that too. Yes, Target is SO trendy.

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