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Frank James has still been putting out winners such as 16 Personalities on a Road Trip (I’m INTJ with some ISFJ) and 16 Personalities Getting in Shape (I’m ENFP, ENTP with the rationale of INTP) and 16 Personalities as Brides (literally right around our wedding stuff time, so perfect to share with the family, and this one is especially good, also, I’d probably be every bride in that video at some point).

I mentioned Trey Kennedy made a bunch of videos for a charity challenge in August and some of them are gems.

Besides the Target vs Walmart this excruciatingly real one about jobs , Coffee Addicts, and my favorite: Plant Moms.

Do Less Episode Trey Kennedy is from Oklahoma and has stayed in the Midwest, he and Jake were talking about good looking people and how they automatically assume those people are going to LA. Then he told a story about his agent or managment and all those people are from LA, and how they reacted when they came out to Oklahoma, seeing normal people “You have All Your teeth?!”

Youtubers don’t often seem to stay normal and have normal lives, they always seem to move to LA or somewhere big. Similarly, you don’t often hear normal conversations like when Trey Kennedy and Jake Triplett talk about telling grandparents and parents about their job. Jake said his dad said, “Well you aren’t asking for money so you must be okay.” And Trey said his grandparent in laws think he is unemployed. It is just so funny to hear all the details of things like that.



  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been too obsessed with finding out what all my families personality type is. It’s so cool knowing what someone else’s is. My sister is a ISFJ and I’m an INFP although sometimes I wonder.

    Thanks for the Trey Kennedy recommendation! I laughed so hard at the Coffee Addicts one because it’s sadly accurate in ways.

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