1. I’m getting the feeling that every Russian novel is super heavy, but I think my sisters thought this was more interesting than some of the more famous ones?

    1. I hope so, I’m going to use Serial Reader, at least until my library book comes in, and it breaks it down into small readings

  1. This is my favorite Dostoyevsky!! I didn’t love every part of it, but I loved the main character and it left a huge impression on me. It’s actually on my CC list to re-read… I’m considering reading it now so we could discuss. :O

    1. Oh, that would be fun! I just started today, I’m using the Serial Reader app right now which gives me small amounts. I’m going to have to print off a list of characters to keep everyone straight. I’m already wondering how painful it will be to see the main character misused. He’s already being mocked in the first scene.

      1. It gets worse I’m afraid! I have a paperback but I’ll check out the app to stay roughly at the same pace πŸ™‚ (am reading other books concurrently so small amounts sounds just right)

        1. Aaa! My sister said it ends very sad. What did I get myself into . . . a stretching experience which was the point I suppose?!

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