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Sports and Snobbery and My New Sort of Series.

So, I have some stereotype opinions sort of series I want to do. I’m not going to dive super deep, just have some commentary on things that grind my gears. Starting with some false dichotomies, a lot involving gender stereotypes.

Have you heard any comments or conversations about this.

“I don’t like sports, I’m intellectual.”

“I read books, I’m a special/smart/fill in the blank.”

“I don’t cook, I’m a career woman.”

“I’m not a jock, so I’m a good person.”

People making it seem like you have two either or choices, you can be sporty or intellectual but not both.

There are all fallacies, actually possibly combinations of fallacies. A person’s interests in neutral subjects do not dictate their morality. A person’s interests also do not dictate their skill either for said interest or another interest. A person’s interest does not dictate all of their other interests

Believe or not, some people can be more than one thing and interested in more than one thing, those are INTERESTING people.

In addition to being extremely lazy fallacious comments, they are (ironically) snobby.

Some I’m going to start with sports. I think that this particular false dichotomy of sporty vs. intelligent is usually for guys, for girls its more combined with the tomboy vs. traditional or girly girl false dichotomy. There is also a sports vs. diligence (i.e. sports are a waste of time).

I’m from a sports oriented family (I’m one of the least interested, but it’s still in my blood) even with 5 girls and only one boy. We are in a college-sports dominated area for basketball and football, we have our university team. I grew watching major league baseball with my family on tv. Dad often had golf playing. All the college games playing and March Madness. All of us play or played pick up sports in the back yard or at picnics. Both parents played sports in highschool and after highschool in rec leagues. I played one sport in a rec league for one season, but most of my siblings played multiple sports for multiple seasons, most of them had one or two sports a year for much of their lives in middle school and up.

I feel like there has been a stereotype of the cool, stupid, mean kid jock (or mean girl v-ball player, although like I said I don’t feel like stupid is usually as emphasized with the girl stereotype, more of shallowness is). Sure there are some people like that.


Sometimes the jocks are smart, sometimes the jocks are both better at sports AND smarter than geeky or nerdier people, sometimes a jock is a geek. My dad was a stereotypically geeky looking (and acting) person, but he loved and played sports. My brother didn’t look or act so geeky, but he was/is a sports guy and a chemical engineer, and a genuinely good person.

Sometimes the volleyball girls are the nice girls. My sisters played volleyball in highschool and rec leagues. They don’t fit the mean, shallow, “cool” girl type.

People can play sports and keep up with their ap and/or college level courses, my siblings and parents did. They can like sports and video games and sports and reading, etc. One interest doesn’t exclude another. One ability doesn’t exclude another, believe or not a person can have both brawn and brains. We do (that sounds like all of us sisters are built like men, we aren’t were are built like sporty women, well, when we are fit, I’m more of a whale woman at the moment).

As far as the waste of time. There are people who ONLY watch and don’t play sports. I can get how hours and hours of watching televised sports can be. But some fun entertainment is allowed. What hours and hours of things do you do? Moderation. Look closer at your own time wasters.

Playing sports is always great exercise and can be great inter-personally as well depending on the person and circumstances.

It just often seems that those who criticize sports lovers are always those who can’t play them, you know?


  • moviecriticqueen

    Great post! While competitive sports aren’t really my thing I have respect for the people who play them because our takes so much dedication! I went to a few basketball games for the first time last year and it was so fun to cheer on everybody. These stereotypes are so annoying because everyone is so different and can have a ton of different interests.

    • Livia Rose

      Well,I’m a critical person, I think that may be why I can see where the motivations are? One of my least favorite activities is video games, but I’ve listened to some podcasts with really productive interesting guys who play them, and my brother plays them sometimes and has other interests, so I’ve slightly lightened my censure of assuming everyone who plays them is a loser.

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