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I found another good one on trending, I was just wasting time and thought I’d check out of boredom

America’s Spelling Searches by State. You have the practicals, lots of “quarantine” searches and “bidet” (lol, Mississippi), you have the abstract/pedantic/whimsical, “eerie,” “sprinkles,” and the whole which gray/grey question, and then you the disturbing “cook” (Kansas, really? How did you think it was spelled) and “traumatized” and Virginia, um, is that egotistical or sad?

When Our Generation Gets Old and Hears a Throwback Song 4. So many lines. “Unicycle shoes.” I’ll leave you with one I had to delete of the other good ones or I would spoil the whole thing, so just watch.

Day 60 of Safe at Home 16 Personalities. “Practicing my smeyesing.” I already have a resting kill-at-a-glance face, and since in my recent Walmart trip and the thrice-weekly postal visits, I’m pretty sure I am more actively glowering, I actually thought I should work on smiling, since my eyes really show it, or rather, really squish up. Edit, in my most-recent Walmart trip,  I decided my temper just can’t handle shopping in store right now, I’m pretty sure I was rude to everyone in my path, and I exude bad attitude even with most of my face covered.

Another Trey Kennedy podcast from awhile back I’d forgotten about. His comments on guys praising their girls on social media for minimal meal efforts in their behalf.

Stanley Tucci’s quarantine chronicles. Witty and definitely rather more relatable celebrity story (well, maybe not the gourmet meals and wine, lol), particularly for this sister to many. We had a 8-person household for a significant portion of my life, although, I do feel we never ate that much? But then maybe it would seem a ton for the normal family of four. It’s down to 5 now, but my sister’s boyfriend visits often, and there is often the rest plus spouses/children on the weekends (our state never had to have total lockdown). Warnings, quite a few f-bombs/cursing for such polished writing.

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