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Watching a Jess and Gabe video, around 4:17-ish mark “oldest homeschooled kids naivity” yes, I said it’s a thing people.

Tied in with this subject added to my general lack of musicality/muscial interest/musical tolerance, Mom and I were watching a Hallmark movies, and I think they usually have generic music, but Mom started singing along.

“You know this?”

“Uh, yeah, Diana Ross and the Supremes.” As if I should know formerly sheltered and musically deficient being that I was/am . . .

I mention my lack of musicality.

“Do you know who the Beatles are?”

Gee, thanks Mom, yes I know the Beatles, also you had Beatles records in the basement when we were growing up.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m rather brain dead. I’m also starting three summer classes this week and hopefully returning to 40 hours. Maybe one day I will write real posts, but as my Mom likes to say, “It is not this day!” (the only part she likes from LotR). Edit: well, it will be this day when this posts because I’m in the mood.

Another find from trending, Honest Friends Trailer. An honest look at the Ross and Rachel relationship. Hilarious. I do like Friends, I think you have to like something to honestly appreciate spoofing, otherwise it is just spite.

Here is the playlist to peruse.


  • Catherine

    I love Honest trailers! The new ones aren’t as funny as they used to be – but the Friends one was very accurate. All of my old music knowledge only comes from going to too many weddings.

    • Livia Rose

      I need to watch more of them, I just watched the Friends and the Star Wars one, about the 2001 series which has to be about the worst mainstream media ever made, it was SO bad, so an easy shot really.

      I’ve probably heard old music at weddings, during commercials, etc. and just don’t have a title/singer put to them. I just thought that exchange with my mom was hilarious. Those, um, “you raised me” convos.

    • Livia Rose

      Yes, she loves that. My sisters actually made her a quote board (white board on top, cork board with handwritten quotes) of favorite quotes from various movies on it.

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