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Things to During Social Distancing and Sheltering in Place

Obviously there is reading, watching movies, podcasts, Audible, Audible Escape, I assume many people know Jennifer Ehle has been narrating Pride and Prejudice on her Instagram (I still need to check that out, but I might just want to read it myself), puzzles, sewing, learning a craft, etc. I also want to try building some models and miniatures. One of my sisters mentioned learning to be ambidextrous. Two sisters want to use several of my dad’s old dress shirts to refashion in to skirts (one has done this with my mom’s help before, it was super cute).

Lauren Johnson has lovely simple as well as more complex sewing and crafting tutorials on her channel, including this one which includes a darling scrunchie tutorial.

Hamlette has a lovely post full of ideas, with plenty adults and for kids if you have kids. I’ve bought this fairytale coloring book from the artist she linked.

On the subject of coloring, Amanda Kastner has free Jane Austen greeting cards to color (you could color and send these to nursing homes or hospitals or something too).

Digitally Reconstructed Castle Ruins. Stop and watch them be digitally rebuilt, absolutely fascinating to history nerds.

A Trip Through 1911 New York. I didn’t realize that video was that old, this is unbelievably fascinating!

Jenny at Sense and Sensibility Patterns has shared lovely walks on her stories, and set up virtual parties, including watching and chatting about vintage movies with other period fashion experts, I want to see if I can somehow join (not sure how it works yet) for Charade.

ND Wilson is offering the first draft of his next (last?) book of Ashtown Burials in serial form as a newspaper if enough people signup. I’ll be signing up asap.

He also produced a nature film or something called The Riot and the Dance which is available on vidangel, which is currently free for a bit (this is one of those services that can block objectionable content for sensitive viewers).

You could always find a way to use snail mail such as subscribing to this happy mail. I don’t remember where I first found this, but what a lovely concept.

Our library has an account that they used to require patrons to come in to use, now we can use it online (for a limited time, but I’m guessing it will be extended as long as this goes on).

See if some of your local arts and theatre programs are offering online concerts and such, I discovered at least one of ours is, I should see if there are any for ballet as well.



  • Marian

    That castle ruins page is so cool! And I didn’t know that about Jennifer Ehle, going to have to look her up on IG.

    I bookmarked your post on audiobooks and radio dramas; I have been thinking about subscribing to Audible for a while now, and this might be the motivation. I LOVE radio dramas, used to listen to all the ones I could find which were produced by Focus on the Family (Narnia being the most well known, but they’ve also done excellent productions of Les Mes, Ben-Hur, and others).

    • Livia Rose

      Another blogger mentioned Focus on the Family, I didn’t know about those, just Adventures in Odyssey, which are still super fun for adults I think, they are just that good.

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