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Mystery Blogger Award

1.) What is it that you hope to achieve in your lifetime?
That is a good question. I think I’m sort of a petty hedonist really, I just want to enjoy like in my Hobbit sort of way. That is terrible, but oh well.
2.) Who is your favorite person from history?
I had this question before and gave the answer of preferring overall periods and themes. I think sometimes people focus too much on one person rather than overall movements. However, with all that is going on, I’d say the doctor who “discovered” handwashing was important (I put quotation marks because as my sister pointed out, the Bible has a lot to say about cleanliness in the old testament and certain periods of history, like Rome, or in other parts of the world, had some standards of cleanliness even if they didn’t have germ theory) even though he was ignored (every time I hear or reread that story I want to SCREAM). And everyone connected to vaccination! And everyone still connected to vaccination!
3.) Do you prefer the country or the city?
Country in easy access to a moderate or smallish city.
4.) What genre would you describe your life at the moment as (comedy, drama, sci-fi)?
Drama, but isn’t everyone’s at the moment?!
5.) What do you remember the most about 2010?
I turned twenty and started community college in the same month, actually.


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