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Humor Post for this Week

I swear I feel like each of these get funnier and funnier. And then, I go back, and watch them again, and they are just all genius.

16 Personalities Social Distancing

Enneagram Types as Roommates.

Celebrities During Safe at Home. Basically, BURRNNNN!!!! “That was like 8 burns in one sentence.” “An octoburn.”

God Keep the Grizzlies Away.” I’ve been listening to Trey Kennedy’s podcast, and he was talking about how many things having a higher probability of fatalities than flying, such as Grizzlies, but yet people give prayer requests for flying, and you know, not meeting with Grizzly bears.

Spark Notes Instagram is awesome

16 Personalities Washing Their Hands. Not Frank James this time, hope he does one though.


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