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Introverts vs. Extroverts During Safe at Home

Girls During Safe at Home be Like

Trey Kennedy podcast, love it (could do without the fart one, or a least those parts of that episode, roasting more Brag Reports was still good) and my favorite bits.

23 and Me jokes from Trey Kennedy (near end of episode), I just love how he’s just rambling on about goofy things people do and randomly has laugh out loud jokes.

“I’m Elegant and You are Twirly Swirly” I’ve been listening to his podcasts hours on end a work (find a podcast I like and am in the mood for, binge until I’m caught up and now have nothing to listen to although haven’t gotten there yet with this one, give it 2 days, maybe 3).

Trey’s cluelessness and news achor’s obnoxious intonation.

“Cook it until it’s jerky” Definitely guilty of this.

More roasting of celebrities and their singing. Because he can clearly sing well, he can mock singing well. In other episodes he pokes fun at his own earlier too “extra” singing, and all of it is just hilarious.

16 Personalities and the Avengers. This clip that starts around 7:07 with the argument (from Civil War I believe) is the best.




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