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What I’ve Been Listening To: Podcasts

I’d go insane at work if I didn’t have something to listen to while I’m at work. For awhile music was enough, then James Herriot books which I still haven’t finished. I then started listening to the College Info Geek podcast.

I’ve been listening through Spotify because the Google podcast app wouldn’t show on the lock screen, I had to unlock phone to do anything every time, and that really isn’t good for work.

  • I follow and have tried many podcasts, I have a huge playlist to try, but I’m SO picky. And moody.
  • I need to find the tone/audio/voices smooth/calm more chatty in vocal tone (my favorites seem to be mostly mid-west and softened southern accents).
  • It needs to be pithy, not rambling unless the rambling (like Rhett and Link and the guys on College Info Geek) is also witty and/or informative.
  • I don’t like feelsy and/or veering into pseudoscience podcasts
  • I can’t STAND subtle dissing (which I realize I have a problem with doing myself) when the person then turns around and reinvents the wheel. Or anything else of the humble-brag or self-righteous variety.
  • I’d rather the subject matter be positive too. I’ve got some history podcasts in my library but they all seem so depressing. I also tend to veer towards informative podcasts. I know there are different genres, like story or “news” (NOPE) or whatever. I could do story if it was sort of radio dramas or something.

I’d really like to listen to podcasts I really like, but thus far that is only the guys from College Info Geek. I wish Ramit Sethi had a podcast of his own. I’ve listened to one he was a guest on. I’d really love if MuchelleB did a podcast as well.

The College Info Geek. This isn’t only applicable to college, and since the guys are my age they’ve been moving away from that. I’ve listened to almost every episode from the last few years and am sad it’s ending and hoping their new podcast starts soon and is as helpful. I really like the guys and what they have to say. I follow Thomas Frank on YouTube which is why I started the podcast. I’ve exhausted this podcast, and I’ve made a list of episodes to go back and listen in my free time when I can take notes.

A Strong Sense of Place. This is a new podcast I first heard about on What Should I Read Next. It features books around countries or geographical things (like the sea). Oh, I want to read so many of these. This podcast is SO good and the title is so apt. I need to check out the blog because I think they often have a matching post with extra resources such as recipes to go with the area!

The Beautiful Mess Podcast. It features some self-improvement, some art and design, and general lifestyle. It’s also new, and I think I’ve listened to most of the episodes. This is another problem, I exhaust my favorites so fast!

What Should I Read Next . . . selectively, some are good, most are boring to me.

One Great Book. Overall I preferred this to the above (both by Anne Bogel), and of course, I’ve exhausted it, and this one is currently on hiatus or possibly done.

Earbiscuits. Also selectively. These guys are so interesting and funny.

The Perfectionism Project. I want to like this more, it has really good information, but I have a harder time focusing and having patience. It needs to be scripted/edited down.

If I find any new I like I’ll do another post, I’m open to suggestions (PLEASE), I find it hard to find good podcasts.



    • Livia Rose

      I only did recently, and it along with music and Audible (something else I resisted) have saved my sanity at work long before the current crisis. I’m not normally a super auditory person, truly forgetting about music much of the time. But when time is dragging and I’m not absorbed in what I’m doing something to listen to is a must for me!

    • Livia Rose

      I don’t naturally have much patience, hence the extreme pickiness, and as I forgot to mention, listening at around 1.3 speed. I usually have youtube at 1.5, but that is a little fast for the podcasters I’ve been listening to. Also, I tend to bounce around a lot between podcasts or podcasts, music, and audible. I’m going to do some Audible (something else I resisted until listening on the job) favorites soon.

  • Catherine

    I didn’t know beautiful mess had a podcast! I feel like I could really get into podcasts if I find the right ones, will have to try some of these. The only one I’ve really listened to seriously was ‘Unspoiled! Harry Potter’ which is two girls who basically talk through each chapter, and one of them has never read the books before so you get her reactions. I think a lot of it is to do with how much you like the hosts? I’ve finally joined Audible too – was perfect for the bus to work 🙂

    • Livia Rose

      I think I’ve heard of the HP one. Yes, the Beautiful Mess podcast is VERY new, I’d stopped following the blog, but the revisited it and noticed their new years one (always a sucker for those). I’d recommend Strong Sense of Place to book lovers always! I can’t wait for the libraries to reopen to try some of their recommendations.

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