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Sheltering in Place Humor

If you aren’t currently attempting to drive yourself insane trying to discern what is real from the limited actual stats and find possible grains of truth amid too early/misreading/ignoring of statistics and blaming/frothing political divisiveness and blame by the media and everyone who never cared about disease/hygiene/epidemiology/pandemics, listening to irrational coworkers quoting the above mentioned groups, wondering if I’m you are crazy, feeling how pathetic it is that you already apparently lived under Sheltering in Place, etc. . . . . you may enjoy some humor, from my favorite hilarious youtubers of course. Of course you might just need it after trying to figure out that “sentence” above. Anyway.

Every Mom in America Right Now

Enneagram Types Under Sheltering in Place. Which are you? I’m (in this video) something of 1 and 5, if it was cholera, yeah I’d be my more usual 6 (or 6-5-7 blend, like most personality tests, I’m not sure). I’m more 6 regarding people at the moment.

Sheltering in Place16 Personality Types Under Quarantine. Which are you? In this case I’m INTJ and INTP.


    • Livia Rose

      Yeah, Frank James is an infj so a little more detail usually goes into those. I personally don’t really fit into the framework super well, so I generally look at the IxTx types in these videos to see if I’d respond the same way, this time it was pretty great for INTJ and INTP.

        • Livia Rose

          Lots of people don’t I think, but I still love this video series because I can still find a type to relate to (even if it’s not consistently the same one) in each video, and it’s just awesomely hilarious. If you haven’t you should watch the other videos, 16 personalities as parents, on a date, getting offended, etc. Definitely plenty to help with being in quarantine.

  • Catherine

    I’m an infp and that’s uncomfortably accurate haha. The world’s gone mad, everyone is stockpiling everything here and grabbing shopping out of other people’s trolleys. It’s a bit embarrassing. (Also I tagged you in a Liebster award, although you’ve probably done a few before!)

    • Livia Rose

      I had to go rewatch that clip to remember that one. They are all so funny.

      Yeah, everyone’s stockpiling, it’s meat and bread for us (and I assume everyone since every person on the globe seems to have the same 3 thoughts at the moment) along with the tp. The whole point was to minimize social contact and protect the vulnerable, not crowd stores and take all the food so the elderly can’t get it! I think I’ve heard of TP fights in Costco, but I don’t know where in US.

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