2020 Reading Challenge

I started with the The 2020 Christian Reading Challenge  (removing all the Christian theology gives a good challenge for anyone), cut out anything I didn’t want, expanded or changed the global section, and utilized a prompt or two from The Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge. I’ve a few more on here, but they are a little too personal at the moment. I don’t tend to follow these too well, but we shall see. I’d like to mostly focus on the geographic ones, if I can do a continent or area in a month I will be good.

After I wrote these out, I was listening to this and this episode on the What Should I Read Next podcast which mention global reading and a strong sense of place (a term which I love and which I want from the novels I’m reading, I don’t want a book that could be set anywhere, I want the flavor of the place . . . or the book just belongs on a basic TBR). Both feature sources (and another podcast, this podcast, y’all, looks amazing) that I’m hoping will help me find something I can at least manage to read.

  1. A European classic
  2. A book about a European country
  3. An African classic
  4. A book about an African country
  5. A Middle-Eastern classic
  6. A book about a Middle-Eastern country
  7. A Far East Asian classic
  8. A book about a Far East Asian Country
  9. A South American classic
  10. A book about a South American country
  11. A Canadian classic
  12. A book about Canada
  13. An American classic (or maybe one a month or one every other)
  14. a book about America
  15. A book on the sciences outside of my interest
  16. A book published the decade you were born
  17. A biography
  18. A history book
  19. A book aimed at women
  20. A Book from a best of 2019 list
  21. A book more than 200 years old
  22. A book you think will make you a better person
  23. A book on the current NYT bestseller list
  24. A book that won an award
  25. A book about food
  26. A book about joy or happiness
  27. A memoir or autobio
  28. A book about art
  29. A book about relationships or friendships
  30. A book you own but have never read
  31. A book aimed at men
  32. A graphic novel
  33. A book about marriage or singleness
  34. A book on money or finance
  35. A book about reading or writing


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